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titled variation
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CANADIAN HISTORY SERIES Premium Silks. circa 1926 Imperial Tobacco Co. of Canada
There are two variations. some have the title of the series printed in top border and some have a plain white top border.  Each has number and descriptive title in bottom border.  gorgeous full color.  each is approx. 5" long by 2 7/8" tall.   originally issued "folded in half" to fit in cigarette package - thus many have vertical crease in center (can be ironed out if so inclined).  full borders.  colors are bright and crisp.  quite nice! all of these are in excellent plus or nicer condition.   each is priced @ $8.50

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6. titled.  Champlain discovers Lake Champlain about 1609

7. titled.  Champlain's Sojurn with the Indians 1615-1616

10. titled.  Indians give warning of Kirke's approach 1628

11. titled.  Champlain surrenders Quebec to Kirke 1629

12. titled.  Indian assist Brebeuf in building his mission house 1634

15. plain.  Jeanne Mance receiving a wounded colonist at the hospital. 1644

16. plain.  Adam Dollard's heroic check to the Iroquois. 1660

20. titled.  Massacre and fire at Lachine. 1689.  light soiling along top and bottom border edge 7.00

22. titled.  Defence of "Castle Dangerous" by Madeleine Vercheres  1692

26. titled.  Veredrye's Expedition - First view of the Rockies 1743

35. plain.  Surrender of Canada to Britain. 1760

40. titled.  Death of Brock at Queenston Heights. 1812

45. titled.  Red River expedition camp at Malawin Bridge. 1870

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