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Rails and Sails Trading Cards for Sale

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Rails and Sails Trading Cards for Sale
TOPPS 1955 Issue (R714-17)
all of these are in excellent plus or nicer condition. they have been housed in plastic sleeves for the last 30 years.
 typical edge discoloration on reverse is their only flaw.

REMEMBER. to see a photo, just click on the blue highlighted words. If no photo is available and you NEED to see one, please contact us.

14.  Wooden Tank Car.  Imperial Extract Co. 

17.  Depressed-center Flat Car.  6.50

25.  North Star English Single Wheelersold

26.  Diesel Switcher.  Nat. Rwys. Of Mexico.  sold

30.  William Mason - Steam Locomotive.  Baltimore & Ohio R.R.  6.50

31.  Wedge Snow Plow.  New Haven R.R.  6.50

34.  Rotary Snow Plow.  Long Island R.R.  6.50

35.  Inspection Locomotive.  Lehigh Valley R.R.  sold

36.  Diesel Switcher.  Missouri Pacific Lines.  6.50

37.  Refrigerator Car.  Railway Express Agy.  sold

39.  Climax-Geared.  Union Fright R.R.  6.50

45.  Switching Engine Diesel - hydraulicsold

49.  Fireless Cooker Switching Locomotivesold

51.  Gas-Turbine.  Union Pacific R.R.  sold

53.  "Vista Dome" Coach.  Chi.; Burl. & Quin R.R.  sold

54.  Gas-electric Car.  New Haven R.R.  6.50

64.  One-dome Tank Car.  private owner.   sold

66.  Cable Car.  San Francisco Calif.  6.50

72.  8-Wheel Trolley.  NY & Qns. Co. Rwy. Co.  6.50

73.  Wrecking Crane.  Lehigh Valley R.R.  sold

78.  First Mogul Type.  N.J. R.R. & Trans. Co.  6.50

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