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hardbound.  1929 AIRCRAFT YEAR BOOK.  "Wings of Industry; Commerce and Travel".  1929 first edition.  Aeronatucial Chamber of Commerce of America.  G.P. Putnam and Sons.  hardbound with dust jacket.  484 pages.  very well illustrated.  tons of information.  interior is tight and clean.  dustjacket worn.  65.00

hardbound book. 1951 AIRCRAFT YEAR BOOK. 1951 Lincoln Press. Thirty Third Annual Edition. The standard reference of United States Aviation. Official Publication of the Aircraft Industries Association. 464 pages with dust jacket. very well illustrated. very informative reference book! tight and clean. dust jacket has age spotting. overall excellent plus. 25.00

hardbound book. AIRCRAFT CARRIERS by Antony Preston. 1979 Gallery Books. 192 pages. with dust jacket. wonderful book. near mint to mint. sorry sold

hardbound book. AIR MAIL an ILLUSTRATED HISTORY 1793-1981 by Donald B. Holmes. 1981 stated First Edition. Clarkson N. Potter Inc. - Publishers. 250 color and b&w illustrations. 226 pages with dust jacket. Near mint. 20.00

hardbound book. ARCTIC WAR PLANES by Stephen E. Mills. Alaska aviation of World War II. A pictorial history of Bush Flying with the Military in the defense of Alaska and North America. copyright 1971. Bonanza Books First Printing 1978. 191 pages. over 420 photographs. tight and clean with no flaws. Color photo dust jacket. near mint. 23.00

hardbound book. BATTLE OF BRITAIN by Len Deighton. First American Printing 1980 Coward McCann & Geoghegan. Original release to coincide with the 40th Anniversary. In a series of vivid snapshots, the author shows us the reality of the most crucial battle of the World War II as it was enacted in flesh and blood by those on both sides who participated in the air, on the ground, in the planning rooms and in the homes. 224 pages. tight and clean. color photo illustrated dust jacket depicts painting by Roy Nockolds. no flaws. near mint to mint. 12.00

hardbound book. BOEING - PLANEMAKER TO THE WORLD. Robert Redding and Bill Yenne. 1984 Crescent Books 2nd printing; copyrighted 1983. 256 pages; tons of photos; glossy. Includes dust jacket. near mint.14.00

hardbound book. BOEING - PLANEMAKER TO THE WORLD. Revised and Updated.  Robert Redding and Bill Yenne.  1989 Crescent Books; copyrighted 1983.  256 pages; tons of photos; glossy.  Includes dust jacket.  near mint. 15.00

hardbound book. CARRIERS - UNITED STATES NAVAL AIR POWER IN ACTION. Tony Holmes and Jean-Pierre Montbazet. 1980.  Military Press.  with dust jacket.  238 pages.  lots of full color photos.  near mint to mint.  sorry sold

hardbound book. CURTISS: THE HAMMONDSPORT ERA 1907-1915. The Definitive Survey of the flying machines produced by Glenn H. Curtiss - one of America's pioneering aircraft designers and inventor of the flying boat. by Louis S. Casey (former Curator of Aircraft National Air and Space Museum Smithsonian Institution). 1981 stated First Edition. Crown Publishing. 235 pages. tons of photos. tight and clean. dust jacket is worn along top edge. overall near mint. very informative book! 29.50

hardbound book. THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WORLD MILITARY AIRCRAFT. Specifications, Weaponry and Performance. Profiles of over 2000 War Planes. edited by David Donald and Jon Lake. Copyright 2000. This is the 2004 edition. Barnes & Nobles Books. Hardbound with dust jacket. 450 pages. Large format. near mint. 29.50

hardbound book. FIGHTING GLIDERS OF WORLD WAR II. James E. Mrazek. 1977. First Edition. St. Martin's Press. 207 pages. many photos and silhouettes. illustrated dust jacket. very informative. tight and clean. excellent to near mint. 24.00

hardbound book. GHOSTS - Vintage Aircraft of WWII by Philip Makanna. 1987. Thomasson-Grant Inc. 120 pages. full page full color photos. horizontal format. dust jacket. near mint to mint. 21.00

hardbound book. THE HISTORY OF THE U.S. AIR FORCE. David A. Anderton. Civil War, WWI, WWII, Cold War, Korea, Cuba, Vietnam. 1981 First Printing. Crescent Books. 255 pages. great photos. dust jacket. near mint to mint. 24.00

hardbound book. HISTORY OF THE U.S. CAVALRY. Swafford Johnson. Crescent. 1985. Hardbound with dust jacket. 192 pages. Many photos. large format. near mint. 20.00

hardbound book. THE HISTORY OF U.S. NAVAL AIR POWER. Edited by Robert L. Lawson.  From 1911 to present day; including the Battle of the Atlantic; the Battle of the Pacific War; Korea; Vietnam and the Mid-East.  1985 Military Press.  256 pages; tons of photos; lots of color.  with dust jacket.  near mint to mint.  sorry sold

hardbound book. THE HISTORY OF THE U.S. NAVY. James M. Morris. Exeter Books. 1984. Hardbound with dust jacket. 224 pages. color & b&w photos. Large format. near mint. 22.50

hardbound book. THE ILLUSTRATED DIRECTORY OF THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE by Michael Roberts. Aircraft; Missiles; Bases; Commands. over 300 full color photos. 1989. Crescent. has dust jacket. The first 20 pages have very minor moisture wrinkle at the bottom of the spine - minor flaw. near mint. 17.00

hardbound book. JANE'S FIGHTING AIRCRAFT OF WWII. A comprehensive encyclopedia with more than 1000 illustrations. 1989 Military Press. 318 pages. Minor wear to the top edge of the dust jacket. near mint plus. 35.00

hardbound book. MIDWAY by Lt. Col. A.J. Barker. 1981. Galahad Books. 64 pages; lots of photos; with dust jacket. near mint to mint. 19.50

hardbound book. NUCLEAR WEAPONS AND FOREIGN POLICY by Henry A. Kissinger. forward by Gordon Dean. 1957 First Edition - Third Printing. Published for the Council on Foreign Relations by Harper & Brothers. 463 pages. dust jacket with protective cover. book is tight and clean. near mint. dust jacket has tear in upper left. a very important and early treatise on this subject. written by a very important statesman. scarce. 49.50

hardbound book. P-47 THUNDERBOLT AT WAR. William N. Hess. 1976/77. stated First Edition. Doubleday. 160 pages. heavily photoed. tight and clean with minimal wear to the color photo illustrated dust jacket. excellent plus to near mint. great reference book! 35.00

hardbound book. PAN AM - AN AIRLINE AND ITS AIRCRAFT by R.E.G. Davies; illustrated by Mke Machat.  Orion; 1987 stated First Edition with dust jacket.  An illustrated history of the World's greatest airline and the airplanes that revolutionized air transport from 1927 to the present.  90 pages; fully illustrated.  horizontal format; approx. 9" by 11.25".  tight and clean.  interior mint; cover is mint; dust jacket is excellent with no rips or tears but minor yellowing on spine.  sorry sold

hardbound book. A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF NORTHWEST AIRLINES by Stephen E. Mills. Bonanza Books; New York. Copyright 1972. this is 1980 First Bonanza Printing. Hardbound with dust jacket. 192 pages; many photos. near mint. 17.50

hardbound book. PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE RAF. Volume One 1918-1939. John W.R. Taylor and P.J.R. Moyes. 202 pages. lots of photos. copyright 1968. Arco Publishing 1974. photo illustrated dust jacket. tight and clean with no flaws. near mint. 21.00

hardbound book. THE SHIPS AND AIRCRAFT OF THE U.S. FLEET - 12th Edition. by Norman Polmar. Naval Institute Press. 1983 - 2nd Printing. 421 pages; includes dust jacket. Book is near mint; the dust jacket is excellent plus. 16.50

hardbound book. SOURDOUGH SKY. A pictorial history of flights and flyers in the Bush Country. Stephen E. Mills and James W. Phillips. copyright 1960. Bonanza. 176 pages. tight and clean. great photos. photo illustrated dust jacket. near mint. 18.00

hardbound book. SUPERMARINE SPITFIRE by Chaz Bowyer. Chartwell Books. 1980. 64 pages. hardbound with color dust jacket. lots of photos. large format. tight and clean. excellent. 12.50

hardbound book. THEIR FINEST HOUR. The Battle of Britain Remembered. Philip Kaplan & Richard Collier. Abbeville Press. 1989 stated First Edition. takes readers back to the Battle of Britain through vintage photos and the vivid memories of those who were there. Material from the Royal Air Force Museum is included along with recent color photos of significant places as they are now. 224 pages with many photos. color photo dust jacket. tight and clean. near mint to mint. 25.00

hardbound book. THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE REPORT ON THE BALLISTIC MISSILE. It's technology; logistics and Strategy. Edited by Lt. Col. Kenneth F. Gantz. A report by Members of the U.S. Air Force on its missile program: its development; its aims; its impact on national policy. 1958 First Edition. Doubleday. 338 pages. b&w photos. Is there any defense against an ICBM attack? Could any of our retaliatory missiles (and citizens) survive a Russian attack? Have ICBMS rendered bombers and other conventional weapons obsolete? Can the President retain his constitutional control in a "Ten Minute War". Answers to these and other questions of major import can be found in this book. tight and clean. included dust jacket with protective cover. near mint. early and scarcely found this nice! 21.00

hardbound book. THE U.S. NAVY "An Illustrated History" by Nathan Miller from American Heritage and The U.S. Naval Institute. more than 400 illustrations. Bonanza Books. 1977 1st Printing. 416 pages. Lavishly illustrated throughout with maps; drawings; engravings; period illustrations; b&w and color photographs. Hardbound with dust jacket. large format. near mint. 28.00

hardbound book. THE U.S. WAR MACHINE. An Encyclopedia of American military equipment and Strategy. edited by Ray Bonds. Revised and Updated. Salamander Book 1983 Crown Publishing. large format. 272 pages. color photos and text. tons of information. tight and clean with dust jacket. near mint. 14.00


comic book.  ALASKA BUSH PILOT.  #1. 1959.  reverse side has promotional offer to join the BUSH PILOT CLUB and receive t-shirt; booklet; I-D card and autographed photo.  RARE item from Portland Oregon.  Published by Jan Enterprises.  unused.  near mint or nicer.  24.00

softbound book. AIR CORPS by J.V. Mizrahi. 1970. Sentry Book. WWII era military aviation. 145 pages of photos; some color. large format; approx. 8.5" by 11". tight and clean. White covers somewhat yellowed. excellent. 19.50

softbound book. AIR FORCE COLORS Vol 3. Pacific and Home Front 1942-47. Dana Bell. 1997. Squadron/Signal Publications #6152. approx. 8.5" by 11". 96 pages. lots of b&w photos with color plates. very informative reference guide. tight and clean. near mint. 12.50

softbound book. THE ALASKA AIRLINES STORY by Archie Satterfield. 1981. Alaska Northwest Publishing. detailed history of this pioneer airline; beginning with the bush years in the 1930's through the Cosgrave-Kennedy years; photos; 207 pgs; lots of great photos. tight and clean. Near mint. scarce and desireable! 110.00

Softbound book: AVIATION "The Complete Story of Man's Conquest of the Air"; Consultant Editor Bill Gunston. Published by Octopus; 1978. large format; 254 pages. Softbound book; Tons of color photos; lots of info. Very tight and very clean with no flaws. near mint to mint. 9.50

softbound.  B-29 STORY "The Plane That Won The War" by Major Gene Gurney USAF.  Fawcett.  1963.  Joe Kotula cover painting of Enola Gay dropping Atom bomb on Hiroshima.  114 pages counting covers.  photos.  includes: How the B-29 was born; the long journey to war; the China-Burma-India bases; bringing the war to the Japs; bringing the war to an end.  square bound.  tight and clean.  excellent plus or nicer.  16.50

softbound book. Detail & Scale Volume 10. B-29 SUPERFORTRESS Production Versions Part I. Alwyn T. Lloyd. Aero Publishers Inc. 1983. 72 pages and the covers. tons of photos. a wealth of important information. tight and clean. used. no flaws. near mint to mint. 25.00

softbound book. Detail & Scale Volume 4.  F-111 AARDVARK by Bert Kinzey.  The Aircraft the bombed Libya.  Provides complete coverage of the Libyan raid and the aircraft that flew the mission.  covers the EF-111 Raven as well as all fighters and bomber versions.  also includes details fo te pave tack system.  Aero Publishers Inc. 1986.  72 pages and the covers. tons of photos. a wealth of important information. tight and clean. used. near mint.  25.00

softbound book. Detail & Scale Volume 22.  A-7 CORSAIR II by Bert Kinzey.  Used in the action against Libya.  covers all U.S. Navy and USAF A-7 versions; revised expanded edition.  Aero Publishers Inc. 1986.  72 pages and the covers. tons of photos. a wealth of important information. tight and clean. used. near mint.  25.00

softbound book. BRITISH AIRCRAFT of WORLD WAR II by K.G. Munson. Published by Ian Allan ABC in Britain. 1961. 64 pages plus the covers. all planes photographed. 1 or 2 write-ups per page. Loads of information. Smaller size format. very tight and clean. near mint. 8.50

softbound book. DESTINATION: TOKYO - A Pictorial History of Doolittle's Tokyo Raid April 18; 1942. by Stan Cohen. 1982 (1984 2nd Printing). Pictorial Histories Publishing Co. 8.5" by 11". 120 pages. lots of great photos. great reference book! tight and clean. near mint to mint. 15.00

softbound book. DOUGLAS F5D-1 SKYLANCER by Steve Ginter. Naval Fighters Number 35. 1996. 48 pages plus covers. 85 b&w photos; 17 drawings. chock full of photos; charts; diagrams; specs. great reference material. tight and clean. near mint. 11.00

softbound book. Fighter Pictorials BF109G/K Part 1 - Broken Eagles 2 series. Carl Hildebrandt. 22 pages. lots of photos with color centerfold showing paint schemes. large format. excellent. 10.00

softbound book. FIGHTING COLORS F-86 SABRE IN COLOR. by Larry Davis. Illustrated by Don Greer and Rob Stern. 1981. Squadron/Signal Publications #6502. 32 pages plus cover. lots of color illustrations and b&w photos. a wealth of information! used. no flaws. tight and clean. near mint. 15.00

softbound book. THE FIRST WAR PLANES by William E. Barrett.1964 Abridged Edition. Fawcett Book #568. Color cover photos of Nieuport 12; Fokker D-VII and Spad VII. Book cover WWI aces; aerial combat; scouting planes; first fighters; Von Richthofen; WWI bombers; Flying Circus; Lafayette Escadrille; Bloody April; American Squadrons. 214 pages. tons of photos. Lots of great info. near mint. 8.50

softbound book. THE FOCKE-WULF Fw 190 by Heinz J. Nowarra. Schiffer Military History #46. 1991. Fighters, Bombers, Ground Attach Aircraft. 48 pages. great photos. tight and clean. excellent to near mint. sorry sold

softbound book. GOLDEN WINGS 1941-45 (USN/USMC Aircraft of WWII). Jim Sullivan and Dave Lucabaugh. 1993. Squadron/Signal Publications #6059. 64 pages of photos. has 1" tear on top edge of front cover, otherwise very tight and clean. Near mint. 15.00

Softbound book:HELICOPTER RATING by Charles A. Zweng, 1954, statedFirst Edition, Pan American Navigation Service. "A practical guide to the CAAhelicopter pilot ratings, with typical examination questions & answers." 326 pages. informative. Early helicopterbook. 326 pages. Approx. 10.25" by 7". Interior is tight and clean. Coffee stain on back cover. Writing on fronticepage. C-8, excellent or better. sorry sold

softbound book. THE LONE EAGLE - LINDBERGH 1929 story book. Blakely Printing Co.; Chicago. 9" by 8"; 24 pages counting covers. full color. Full color artwork throughout. Storybook on historic aviator Charles Lindbergh's solo flight. Short biography of him. Great graphics. Tight and clean. No creases. Overall a beautiful example of this hard to find book! Soft cover. excellent plus to near mint. 45.00

softbound book. NORTH AMERICAN B-25 "The Full Story of World War II's Classic Medium". 1965, Challenge Publications. approx. 8.5" by 11". 48 pages. lots of photos with full page color photo and full color centerfold. interior is tight and clean. cover is worn, with rear cover loosening and spine wear. 15.00

softbound book. PEDIGREE OF CHAMPIONS - BOEING SINCE 1916. #D6-8988 Jan. 1963. First Printing, The Boeing company. 80 pages plus the covers. Lot so photos. History of the company. great reference book. light ink scribbles on cover. informative. very good. 9.00

softbound book. PILOT'S MANUAL for B-25 MITCHELL. "Flight operating instructions for B-25C and B-25D". Aviation Publications. 1978 reprint of the 1942 manual. large format, approx. 8.5" by 11". 84 pages loaded with photos, diagrams, etc. very informative. tight and clean. cover has some yellowing and a coffee ring stain on bottom edge. last 10 pages have dinged corners. 18.00

softbound book. OFFICIAL AND UNOFFICIAL U.S. NAVY AIR PATCHES 1920's to Today. Derek Nelson and Dave Parsons. 1990. Motorbooks International. 96 pages. tight and clean. near mint to mint. 18.50

softbound book. REPUBLIC THUNDERBOLT by Roger A. Freeman. Ducimus Books, Great Britain. circa 1978 publication. 72 pages. lots of photos with profiles and color schemes. tight and clean. excellent. scarce. 19.50

softbound book. Fahey's THE SHIPS AND AIRCRAFT OF THE U.S. FLEET. Eighth Edition. 2nd Printing. 1966 (copyrighted 1965). every ship; submarine; airplane; helicopter of the U.S. fleet is photographed with stats and information. VERY informative book. tight and clean. cover shows minor wear with light age spotting. 22.50

softbound book. SKY TRUCK 2 by Stephen Piercey. 1986, Osprey Publishing. devoted to the classic piston engine airliners of yesteryear. approx. 8.25" by 9". 128 pages of great color photographs. neat book! tight and clean. near mint to mint. 15.00

softbound book. THE SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS by Charles A. Lindbergh. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize. "one of the 100 greatest adventure books of all time". copyright 1953. this Edition published in 1993 by Minnesota Historical Society Press. 562 pages. approx. 8.5" by 5.5" by 1.5" thick. tight and clean. has been read. excellent plus to near mint. (issue price $17.95). yours for 9.50

soft cover book. SPITFIRE! SPITFIRE! Michael Burns. Blandford Press. 1986. 64 pages. illustrated throughout in b/w. The Spitfire is one of the most evocative and beautiful aircraft ever designed. Reginald Mitchell combined genius and hard-won knowledge to produce a thoroughbred fighter and an engineering and aerodynamic masterpiece based upon the equally brilliant Rolls-Royce Merlin engine. Even Mitchell could never have guessed the number of roles it was to play nor the theatres of war where it dominated the skies. 'Spitfire! Spitfire!' is a celebration in words and pictures of this wonderful aircraft. very informative. tight and clean. excellent. 10.00

softbound book. U.S. NAVY AIRCRAFT OF WORLD WAR II. Aireview #231. Japan. Title in Japanese is 'Koku Johu'. over 200 pages of photos. text in Japanese. smaller format; square bound. interior is clean. wear to spine. starting to separate in middle. one cover has surface tear. 8.50

softbound book. U.S. NAVY MARKINGS - WWII PACIFIC THEATER by Thomas E. Doll. Drawings by M.J. Kishpaugh. Caler Illustrated Series. Aeronautica. 1967. 48 pages. tons of photos. great reference book. excellent or better. scarce! 45.00

softbound book. WINGS OF THE WORLD. 1940. National Aeronautics Council. 64 pages, 59 different planes. Each page has real photo and information pertaining to plane. excellent. 12.00

softbound book. WORLD AIRLINE COLOUR SCHEMES Volume 1. edited by B. Tomkins. Airline Publications and Sales, Great Britain. circa 1977 publication. 144 pages. horizontal format. approx. 5.5" by 8". full page real b&w photo of the airplane, with full page information and color illustration. great reference book. tight and clean. excellent and scarce! 25.00



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AERO DIGEST "Including Aviation Engineering". Large format. Lots of photos, articles and ads about aviation. Cover photo listed. All are overall excellent or better unless stated otherwise. Each priced individually.

June 1937. Seversky P-35 Army Pursuit. Small edge tear on cover. 15.00

August 1937. Richard Archbold's CONSOLIDATED FLYING BOAT (first commercial version of PBY-1). 15.00

Dec. 1945. REPUBLIC SEABEE. near mint. 12.50

Feb. 1946. generic cover. chunk out of bottom right corner. 7.50

April 1949 sketch of Sikorsky Helicopter. Cover is only very good. 7.50

May 1950 Martin 4-0-4's for Eastern & TWA. ink scribble on cover. very good. 7.50

March 1950 color artwork of LOCKHEED P2V NEPTUNE. exc. 12.50

from this point forward, the covers were pretty generic. all are excellent or nicer

10/51 $4     *     12/51 $4     *     5/51 $4     *     8/51 $4     *     1/52 $4

2/52 $4     *     1/53 $4     *     2/53 $4     *     4/53 $4     *     6/53 $4

8/53 $4     *     9/53 $4     *     10/53 $4


Feb. 1988 AIR CLASSICS Magazine. Cover photo of Amelia Earhardt. "Spies for Roosevelt? Fifty Years later, the disappearance of Amelia Earhart remains a controversial mystery. near mint to mint. 4.00

Jan. 1989 AIR CLASSICS Magazine. cover photo U-2. articles: U-2 Goes for the gold (veteran spyplane shatters world record); Hollywood goes to NAS North Island - classic aviation films; Eagle of the Eastern Front (Nazi Stuka ace Hans Rudel); Airborne with History (DC-2 operated by the Douglas Historical Foundation). near mint to mint. 4.00

July 1990 AIR CLASSICS Magazine. articles on France's Colonial Warriors - unusual aircraft created for guerrilla warfare; Wedell-Williams - recreating a famous racing aircraft; new details on Nazi flights immediately before WWII. near mint to mint. 4.00

Dec. 1991 AIR CLASSICS Magazine. Story of Consolidated's forgotten B-32 Heavy Bomber, History of Alexander Aircraft Co. near mint to mint. 4.00

Jan. 1974 AIRPOWER Magazine. articles: The Corsair in Combat; Fokker Triplane Aces exclusive photots; 1300 Hours in a Stratojet Flying Boeing's B-47; Mustang Color Portfolio. near mint to mint. 5.00

May 1987 AIRPOWER Magazine. articles: America's suicide squadrons air defense command's last ditch option: Ramming; The evolution of Carrier Aviation the Navy takes its airpower to sea; Vought's F5U Flying Pancake, the first combat lifting body. near mint to mint. 4.00

Nov. 1991 AIR PROGRESS Magazine. great cover photo of 3 Golden Age racers! special expanded issue covers the Oshkosh '91 World's Greatest Air show! near mint to mint. 3.50

THE AOPA PILOT MAGAZINE 1962 "User's Guide and Directory Issue". Official magazine of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. 124 pages. lists all the suppliers, makers, repairman, etc. etc. photos of over 60 planes, including: Aerocar 1A; Aero Commander 560F; Aircoupe; Dee Dee M-4; Beechcraft Super G18S; etc. etc. nice reference item. tight and clean. subscription label. excellent condition. 12.50

McGraw Hill AVIATION Magazine "The Oldest American Aeronautical Magazine". tons of photos, ads, articles. GREAT aviation history!

10/27/28 NAVY Seaplanes in V formation. very good or better. 20.00

11/10/28 Aircraft Squadrons Battle Fleet in formation. very good or better. 20.00

11/24/28 seven US Marine Corps CURTISS FALCONS in "V" formation. very good or better. 20.00

12/1/28 missing front cover - but 100's of pages thick, like an annual. articles on 25 Years of Famous Flights; 25 Years of Airplane Design; 25 Years of Engine Design - and a section on Chicago Show. GREAT ads! very good or better. 30.00

12/8/28 AMERICAN ALBATROSS B-1. very good or better. 20.00

12/15/28 FORD T.A.T. WASP. very good or better. 20.00

1/12/29 Fokker Army Transport QUESTION MARK in flight. very good or better. 20.00

1/19/29 C.C.A. FAIRCHILD CABIN MONOPLANE. very good or better. 20.00

1/26/29 missing the front cover - $7.50

2/9/29 missing the front cover - $7.50

4/13/29 aviation artwork cover. very good or better. 20.00

4/20/29 RYAN B3. very good or better. 20.00

4/27/29 "operation of the PAN AMERICAN AIRWAY System". very good or better. 20.00

6/8/29 aviation artwork cover. very good or better. 20.00

6/22/29 "Operating Methods of CURTISS FLYING SERVICE". very good or better. 20.00

6/29/29 "Operation of Western Canada Airways". very good or better. 20.00

7/13/29 UNIVERSAL AIR LINES FOKKER. very good or better. 20.00

7/20/29 foldout on Manf. Specs on American Commercial Airplanes & Seaplanes. very good or better. 20.00


May 1991 AVIATION HERITAGE Magazine. full color cover photo of Vought F4U-1 Corsair. articles: Black Sheep Squadron; Cleveland Air Races; Desert Phantoms; Daredevil Garros; Loening's Ducks. subscription label. excellent plus. 3.00

May 1991 AVIATION HERITAGE Magazine. full color cover photo of Vought F4U-1 Corsair. articles: Black Sheep Squadron; Cleveland Air Races; Desert Phantoms; Daredevil Garros; Loening's Ducks. near mint to mint. 3.50

January 1992 AVIATION HERITAGE Magazine. Full color cover photo of modern restoration Curtiss P-40E Warhawk in shark mouth markings. article on the London-Melbourne 12;000 mile air race; the Lockheed Hercules; Frank Luke the Balloon Buster AND more. sub. label. near mint. 3.50

Dec. 14, 1956 issue of FLIGHT & AIRCRAFT ENGINEER Magazine. Cover photo of helicopter, titled "Widgeon to the Rescue". Tight and clean. Ink scribbling on top edge of cover. very good to excellent. 8.50

July 1953 issue of FLYING MAGAZINE. Color cover photo of HILLER HTE-2 Helicopter. Tight and clean; very good to excellent. 10.00

Superior LIGHT PLANE GUIDE "Homebuilt Issue" 1965. Volume 1 issue #2. 40 Airplanes you can build. performances; specs; design details; costs; pros and cons on the world's most popular amateur-built aircraft. near mint. 10.00

OVER THE FRONT Winter 1994. "issued Quarterly by the League of WWI Aviation Historians". 100 pages; lots of information; many photos. square bound; large format. near mint to mint. 10.00

Feb. 1977 POPULAR MECHANICS Magazine. Color cover photo of PIETENPOT tricked out WWI biplane. contains 6 exciting sports planes you can build. near mint. 6.50

March 1993 PLANE & PILOT Magazine. Cover photo of Cessna 185 Skywagon. sub. label. near mint plus. 3.00

THUNDERJET F-84F "Does America Control The Skies?". color cover photo 4/2/51 issue of Quick Magazine. 6" by 4.25" digest size. tight and clean. no mailing labels. excellent. 10.00

Spring Edition 1970 SPORTS PLANES. Special Homebuilt Issue. 30 outstanding planes you can build. biplanes; retractables; racers and seaplanes. near mint to mint. 10.00

1990 Action Wheels Presents WARPLANES. vintage military aircraft. lots of color. color fold out of the Stealth Bomber and others. near mint to mint. 3.50

WINGS "The Magazine of Flight". Professionally hardbound volume of the first 3 years. Volume #1 Issue #1 thru to Volume 3 issue #6. August 1971 thru December 1973. all 15 issues professionally bound in dark red cloth binding. Spine has gold lettering: WINGS. 1-3; 1971-73. near mint to mint condition. tight and clean. no flaws. great reference material. 89.50

August 1991 WINGS A Sentry Magazine. cover photo of P-39 Lightning. 20th Anniversary issue. articles: Primary Flight training in the PT-13, A squadron Commander's B-17, The Great P-38 Lightning Portfolio. near mint. 3.50

October 1991 WINGS A Sentry Magazine. cover photo of Republic P-47D. near mint to mint. 3.50


Koku-Fan from Japan. October 1975. #66 DOUGLAS C-47 SKYTRAIN. "Famous Airplanes of the World" series. Bunrin-Do Publishing. 66 pages of photos in b&w and color. text is in Japanese. excellent to near mint. tight and clean. 10.00

Koku-Fan from Japan. September 1986. #157 SPITFIRE Mk. XII-24. Famous Airplanes of the World" series. Bunrin-Do Publishing. 66 pages of photos in b&w and color. text is in Japanese. excellent. tight and clean. 10.00

AERO Series. Aero Publishers Inc. California. great reference books. many photos, tons if information.
#10. SUPERMARINE SPITFIRE. tight and clean. minor spine wear. excellent. 14.00
#10. SUPERMARINE SPITFIRE. tight and clean. minor spine wear. excellent plus. store price tag sticker in upper right corner. 15.00
#10. SUPERMARINE SPITFIRE. tight and clean. minor spine wear. excellent plus to near mint. 16.00

ARCO-AIRCAM Aviation Series. Softbound - more like a book than magazine. color drawings, profiles, real photos. tons of information! great reference.
#4. SUPERMARINE SPITFIRE Mk.1-XVI in RAF SAAF RAAF RNZAF RCAF & Foreign Service. by Ted Hooton, illus. by Richard Ward. 4 page Supermarine Spitfire Merlin Engine Royal Air Force Squadrons list by Ted Hooton included. tight and clean. excellent plus. 11.00

CAMOUFLAGE & MARKINGS. Ducimus Books Ltd. from England.A Profiles type publication. Lots of photos, text and info. approx. 7.5" by 10". Fantastic reference material! They are now out of publication. most are in excellent plus or better condition. Flaws are noted.
6.  De Havilland Mosquito. RAF Northern Europe 1936-45.  excellent plus.  10.00

FAMOUS AIRPLANES OF THE WORLD. fantastic profile style magazine from Japan. b&w and color photos. lots of detailed photos. approx. 66 pages plus the covers. each is a wealth of information. however, the text is in Japanese. Still, great photos. all are excellent or better. tight and clean.
Sept. 1974. LOCKHEED P-2D/H NEPTUNE. 15.00
May 1978.   LOCKHEED P-3 ORION.   15.00

PROFILE PUBLICATIONS from England. (red cover).They started publication in 1965. Fantastic reference material!They are now out of publication.most are in excellent plus or better condition. Flaws are noted.
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advertising brochure, 4 page color pamphlet. front has letter from Profile Publications advising about the newmagazine. Issued late 1964, before publication ever began.Inside 2 pages have full color photos of Sopwith Camel andothers, with full page of color profiles of S.E. 5a. Backpage has subscription rate table plus publishing dates forthe first 24 issues. A nice piece of history. Tri-folded, as issued.  near mint.  10.00

vinyl bound cover. gold embossed printing on spine PROFILE PUBLICATIONS - AIRCRAFT. light brown. with 30 "wires" to hold the magazines in place. will not damage issues. no rips, no tears, no splits. used but very nice.   exc.  12.50

1.  S.E. 5A.  excellent plus.  14.00

4.  Hawker Hunter F.6.  exc.  8.00

5.  Vickers FB 27 Vimy.  excellent plus. 10.00

6.  Bristol Bulldog.  excellent plus.  10.00

8.  North American P-51D Mustang.  exc.  8.00

9.  Albatros D V.  excellent plus.  8.00

10.  Gloster Gauntlet.  excellent plus.  8.00

10 Gloster Gauntlet  (small tear at top edge of cover) very good 7.50

11 Handley Page Halifax B.III, VI, VII excellent plus.  8.00

 13 Sopwith Pup exc 8.00

 16 Fiat CR.42  very good plus.  8.00

18 Hawker Fury vg+/ex 8.00

21 Bristol Fighter excellent plus.  8.00

 24 Hawker Hurricane IIC - cover stained vg 6.50

 26 De Havilland D.H.4 excellent plus.  8.00

27 BOEING F4B-4 very good  8.00

 30 North American F-100 Super Sabre exc 8.50

 32 Westland Wapiti excellent plus.  12.00

 33 Gloster Gamecock excellent plus.  10.00

 34 Fairey Battle excellent plus.  7.50

35 Curtiss P-40 Tomahawk vg/ex 8.00

36 Saab J29 excellent plus.  10.00

38 Fokker Monoplanes excellent plus.  8.00

39 The Supermarine S4-S6B excellent plus.  8.00

41 Supermarine Spitfire I & II. cover creases vg 6.00

41 Supermarine Spitfire I & II excellent plus.  7.00

42 North American FJ Fury excellent plus.  7.00

43 Pfalz DIII excellent plus.  8.00

44 Fairey IIIF Floatplane excellent plus.  12.00

45 Curtiss Army Hawks excellent plus.  10.00

47 Chance Vought F4U-1 Corsair excellent plus.  8.00

49 Nieuport 17 excellent plus.  8.00

50 Sopwith 7F.I Sniper excellent plus.  8.00

53 Grumman F4F-3 Wildcat. writing on cover vg 7.00

54 English Electric Canberra Mk.I & IV excellent plus.  8.00

56 Fairey Flycatcher excellent plus.  8.00

57 Hawker Hart excellent plus.  8.50

59 North American B-25A to G excellent plus.  12.00

61 Ansaldo S.V.A. Scouts excellent plus.  8.50

62 De Havilland DH-9 excellent plus.  12.00

64 Macchi MC.200 excellent plus.  8.00

66 Vickers Valiant excellent plus.  8.00

67 Fokker D.VIII excellent plus.  8.00

68 Thomas Morse Scout excellent plus.  8.00

70 Nakajima Ki-84 excellent plus.  7.00

73 Sopwith Triplane excellent plus.  8.00

74 Short 184 exc 8.00

75 P.Z.L. P-11 excellent plus.  8.00

76 Junkers Ju 87A & B excellent plus.  8.00

77 Boeing B-17E & F Flying Fortress excellent plus.  12.00

79 Nieuport N.28C-I excellent plus.  8.00

81 Hawker Typhoon. cover soiled vg+ 8.00

82 Mitsubishi Ki-46 excellent plus.  8.00

88 Ilyushin IL-2 excellent plus.  8.00

89 Savoia Marchetti S.M. 79 excellent plus.  8.00

90 Chance Vought F-8A-E Crusader excellent plus.  8.00

92 Grumman F3F Series excellent plus.  9.00

93 Bristol Blenheim 1 excellent plus.  10.00

94 Focke-Wulf Fw190D/Ta 152 Series exc 8.00

95 Republic F-84F Thunderstreak excellent plus.  7.00

96 Douglas DC-3 pre 1942 (passenger airliner) excellent plus.  12.00

97 American D.H.4 excellent plus.  10.00

98 Gloster Gladiator excellent plus.  10.00

100 North American P-51B & C Mustang exc 8.00

102 Douglas A-4 Skyhawk excellent plus.  7.00

103 S.E.5 excellent plus.  7.00

104 P.Z.L. P-23 Karas excellent plus.  8.00

105 Kawasaki Ki-45 Toryu excellent plus.  8.00

 107 Grumman F8F Bearcat excellent plus.  8.00

108 De Havilland Somet Srs. 1-4 excellent plus.  12.00

110 Fiat B.R. 20 excellent plus.  8.00

111 Hawker Hurrican I. cover fingerprint soiling very good 8.00

115 Gotha GI - GV excellent plus.  8.00

116 Curtiss Navy Hawks excellent plus.  10.00

117 Boulton-Paul Defiant excellent plus.  8.00

119 Fiat G.91 excellent plus.  7.00

121 Sopwith 1.5 Strutter excellent plus.  8.00

122 Polikarpov I-16 excellent plus.  8.00

129 Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero-Sen exc 8.00

133 B.E.2, 2a and 2b excellent plus.  8.00

135 Dewoitine 520 excellent plus.  8.00

140 Hawker Audax & Hardy excellent plus.  12.00

143 Dassault M.D. 450 Ouragan excellent plus.  7.00

145 De Havilland D.H. 10 excellent plus.  8.00

147 Morane Saulnier 406 excellent plus.  8.00

149 Lavochkin LA5 & 7 excellent plus.  7.00

151 O. Aviatik (Berg) D I excellent plus.  8.00

152 Avia B 534 excellent plus.  10.00

153 Armstrong Whitworth Whitley excellent plus.  10.00

154 Commonwealth Wirraway exc 8.50

155 North American T-28 excellent plus.  10.00

156 Ford Tri-Motor excellent plus.  12.00

157 Breguet 14 excellent plus.  10.00

158 Ryan PT/ST Series exc 8.00

162 Avro Vulcan excellent plus.  8.00

163 Roland CII excellent plus.  8.00

165 Bell P-39 Airacobra exc 8.00

166 Supermarine Spitfire V Series excellent plus.  8.00

167 Hawker Hunter Two-Seaters excellent plus.  7.00

168 Avro York excellent plus.  15.00

169 Sopwith Dolphin excellent plus.  12.00

170 P.Z.L. P-24 excellent plus.  8.00

170 P.Z.L. P-24 vg 7.00

171 Douglas TBD Devastator excellent plus.  8.00

172 Mitsubishhi Ki-21 excellent plus.  7.00

173 Liore et Olivier Leo 45 Series excellent plus.  10.00

174 De Havilland Hornet exc 8.00

175 Phonix Scouts (Phoenix Scouts) excellent plus.  8.00

176 Fokker T.VIII exc 8.00

177 Junkers JU 52 Series exc 8.00

178 Commonwealth Boomerang excellent plus.  8.00

179 Gloster Javelin 1-6 excellent plus.  8.00

180 Sud Caravelle 3 & 6 (passenger airliner) excellent plus.  11.00

181 De Havilland D.H.5 excellent plus.  8.00

184 Messerschmitt Bf 109F excellent plus.  8.00

187 Junkers Monoplane excellent plus.  8.00

190 Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero-Sen "Hamp" excellent plus.  8.00

196 Douglas SBD Dauntless excellent plus.  8.00

199 Pfalz D XII excellent plus.  8.00

200 Martinsyde Elephant excellent plus.  12.00


Profile Publications from England. AIRCRAFT PROFILE. (blue cover).
Starting with issue #205 they went to this new, larger format. more pages, more photos, more information than before! Fantastic reference material! They are now out of publication.most are in excellent plus or better condition. Flaws are noted.

99.  Focke-Wulf FW 200.  exc.  10.00
237.  Bristol F.2B Fighters: R.A.F. 1918-32.  excellent plus.   10.00
242.  IK Fighters (Yugoslavia: 1930-40s) by Sime I. Ostric and Cedomir J. Janic.  exc.  10.00
248.  DeHavilland D.H.9A (R.A.F. 1918-30).  excellent plus.   10.00

SQUADRON/SIGNAL PUBLICATIONS. full color artwork covers. approx. 50 pages, tons of photos. a wealth of information. very handy guides for the modeler trying for that true scale appearance! each is approx. 8.25" tall by 11" wide. softbound. these are used, not abused. unless stated otherwise, they are excellent to near mint or nicer condition. all are tight and clean with no flaws.
26.  CURTISS P-40 IN ACTION. 1976. by Ernest R. McDowell. illus. by Don Greer.  12.00
39.  SPITFIRE In Action. by Jerry Scutts.  illus. by Don Greer and Rob Stern. 1980 (cover states: Special - 8 extra pages).  10.00
39.  SPITFIRE In Action. by Jerry Scutts.  illus. by Don Greer and Rob Stern. 1980 (cover states: Special - 8 extra pages). stain on back cover, otherwise excellent.  9.00
40.  P-80 SHOOTING STAR IN ACTION T-33/F94. by Larry Davis, illustrated by Don Greer. 1980.  10.00
48.  PV-1 VENTURA in action. Charles L. Scrivner & Capt. W.E. Scarborough, USN (Ret.), illus. by Don Greer. 1981.  10.00
61.  F-84 THUNDERJET IN ACTION by Larry Davis & David Menard. illus. Don Greer. 1983.  10.00
62.  PBY CATALINA IN ACTION. Captain W. E. Scarborough USN (Ret.). Illus. by Don Greer. 1983.  10.00
63.  B-17 IN ACTION. Larry Davis. illus. Don Greer. 1984. Cover says: Special 8 extra pages.  10.00
122.  SB2U VINDICATOR in Action. by Tom Doll. color by Don Greer. illustrated by Joe Sewell. 1992.  10.00
134.  A-26 INVADER IN ACTION by Jim Mesko.  color by Don Greer & Tom Tullis.  illus. by Joe Sewell.  1993.  10.00
140.  F3H DEMON IN ACTION by Jim Mesko.  color by Don Greer & Tom Tullis.  Illus. by Joe Sewell. 1994.  10.00


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