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CERAMICS from the 1960's & 1970's
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Kreiss Psycho Ceramic; mint in illustrated box!  Pink guy with red jeweled eyes.  Has brass plaque attached that says the same as the front of the box "I May look busy... But I am only confused".  RARELY found with the original illustrated box!!  199.00

Kreiss Psycho-Ceramic.  Pink with yellow hair; pink bow in hair; eyes are hidden; mouth wide open with 1 red "jeweled" tooth!  Metal tag reads "When I Want Your Opinion - I will Give it To you".   129.50

Kreiss Psycho-Ceramic.  pink with CHRISTMAS TREE on head. sorry sold

Kreiss Psycho ceramic.  FAT SANTA CLAUS .  95.00

Kreiss Psycho ceramic.  LAUGHING SANTA CLAUS.   95.00

Kreiss Psycho ceramic.  leans to the right.  RED nosed SANTA.   95.00

Kreiss Psycho ceramic.  red nosed WAVING SANTA says "HAAAAPY  NEW YEAR".   95.00

Kreiss PSYCHO CERAMIC of purple guy with hand in mouth.   95.00

Kreiss PSYCHO CERAMIC yellow with jagged head   95.00

Kreiss PSYCHO CERAMIC yellow mad looking guy with arms folded across chest.  95.00

Kreiss PSYCHO CERAMIC pink guy with big fingers.   95.00

Kreiss PSYCHO CERAMIC pale green celery head guy.  95.00

Kreiss PSYCHO CERAMIC yellow guy with holes in head with tag.   95.00



Kreiss NUDENIK with drooping eyes.  ceramic figural mug   69.50

Kreiss NUDENIK with candle on head   89.50

Kreiss NUDENIK w/slanting eyes; ceramic figural mug   69.50

Kreiss Figural ASHTRAYS

sold out


Kreiss BEATNIK standing on wood base.  reads: "Work? Man I Deny Its Existence".  early 1960's vintage.  7" tall with real hair.  marked on base.  base is 3.75" by 2.25".  mint.  69.50

Kreiss TRAMP coming out of garbage can.  holding lid on his head.  very colorful with inset jewels.  approx. 6.5" tall by 2.5" diameter.  mid 1960's issue.  missing a couple of the glued on jewels (easily replaced) otherwise mint.  39.50

Kreiss HOBO with original cardboard tag: "If You're So Smart - Why Aren't You Rich?".  wearing safety pin to hold up pants.  bejeweled.  missing the cloth satchel on end of his bindlestiff (easily replaced).  approx. 6.25" tall.  has hairline crack across his shoulder.   19.50

Kreiss ELEGANT HEIR Lady in green evening dress holding fan.  89.50

Kreiss FAT WOMAN on scale   89.50

Kreiss CONVICT with lead weight  65.00

Kreiss SKINNY WOMAN with frying pan.  75.00

Kreiss SKINNY MAN with coffee cup.  75.00


Kreiss ceramic PSYCHO figural MUG; orange; no plaque on back   75.00

Kreiss PSYCHO CERAMIC "Split Personality" figural mug; no plaque on back; has faint hairline   75.00

Kreiss PSYCHO CERAMIC "Footprint Man" figural mug with plaque   135.00

Kreiss figural mug of droopy eyed MAN with TOPHAT. orange-brown; white eyebrows; yellow cheeks and tophat.  mint  75.00


Kelvin ©1960 AWARD - WORLDS GREATEST COOK.  Large nose chef holding frying pan and flyswatter with cigar in mouth standing on pedestal.  ceramic.  mint.  45.00

Kelvin ©1960 ceramic ashtray THINKING MAN   65.00

Kelvin  MISS SURFETTER Surfer figure MINT.   3.5” tall  She is standing on surf board. Comes with original cardboard hang tag.   it reads: “Miss Surfette spends all her days; following the boys; and riding the waves”. Classic piece from the 1960’s.  sorry sold


Pierre YOU’RE THE ONE THAT’S DIFFERENT! yellow guy with 4 legs with original cardboard tag.   99.00

Pierre.  YELLOW 4 legged creature with red and black trim.  real hair.  approx. 4.25" tall.  1960's high glazed ceramic.  mint.  65.00

Pierre yellow guy holding his purple head   100.00

Pierre hairy guy holding bloody axe!   100.00

Pierre.  Yellow guy with pointed head; sitting on butt looks like Laughing Hyena!  still has his original hair.  100.00


Pair of Norcrest green LAB DOCTORS salt & pepper shakers.  sorry sold


NAPCO figural caped Bat Creature GREG-GORY VAMPIRE . sorry sold

NAPCO figural CAPED BAT CREATURE with HUNCHBACK.    sorry sold

NAPCO "LOONY GOON" with original tag .  sorry sold


THINK BIG.  striped cucumber shaped guy smoking a cigar.  approx. 5.25" tall.   green "fuzz" hair.  #F-472.  1960's.  Japan.  high glazed ceramic.  mint. sorry sold

Ceramic black & white mug TO YOUR HEALTH with undertaker as figural handle   75.00

Kreiss-Like DOCTOR w/hypodermic with BEADY eyes.   "We Welcome Your Suggestions with Enthusiasm" ceramic bank.  Coin slot is between his teeth.  He stands approx. 5 1/2" tall with fuzzy black hair.   sorry sold

Kreiss-Like DOCTOR w/hypodermic with MAD eyes.  "We Welcome Your Suggestions with Enthusiasm" ceramic bank.  Coin slot is between his teeth.  He stands approx. 5 1/2" tall with fuzzy black hair.  Very minor glaze flake on his thumb.     79.50

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