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"New Improved Thicker Formula"

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How come the pros all have such clean and bright toys?
A lot of them don't want to share with you their secret - but here it is:

Eclectic Wax was developed a few years ago specifically for the Antique Toy Market. Eclectic Wax is a specially formulated, non-abrasive, restorative formula containing natural Carnauba waxes. Eclectic Wax provides long-lasting protection and rich nutrients to enhance the finish. Eclectic Wax is easy to apply and will not smear, scratch or haze the finish. Eclectic Wax contains no sealants or plastic resin-type materials. Approved for enamels, lacquers, acrylics and even the latest urethane paints. It works marvelously for toys, lunch pails, Japanese Tin, pressed steel, pedal cars, tin signs, advertising tins, porcelain signs, plastic cars and models, bicycles. It will not harm decals and has no abrasives and does no leave any white powder residue. Automotive waxes are harmful to your toys. A small amount goes a long way! We wholeheartedly recommend it.

Eclectic Wax was developed to protect your investment.

JUST $12.00 for a 5 oz. bottle


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