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Unless stated otherwise, all our lunch boxes are COMPLETE with the handles and internal holders for the thermos, and all bottles are complete with cup and original stopper.

How come the pros all have such clean and bright lunch pails? A lot of them don't want to share their secret with you - but here it is.


advertisement. Aladdin Lunch kits. 1966. full color Sunday comics ad. BATMAN; JAMES BOND 007; THE BEATLES; Junior Miss. approx. 4.5" by 19.5". no flaws. for easy display it has been shrunkwrap on cardboard. 25.00

catalog: 1978 THERMOS KING SEELEY Lunchbox catalog. "Introducing the $1000000 Line From Thermos". 12 pages. full color. large magazine format. issued to retailers only - not made available to the general public. includes the following steel lunch kits: Racing Wheels; Fonz; Peanuts; Nancy Drew; Muppets; Start Wars; Hardy Boys; et al. Plastic domes: Chips; Snoopy; Lucy; etc. other plastic: Looney Tunes; Benji; Flintstones; C.B. Bears; etc. odd shaped kits: R2D2 figural; Doll House figural; Van; King Arthur. Animal Snackers. color photos of store display counters; etc. fantastic reference material. near mint to mint. rare. 75.00


HEATHCLIFF The Cat; Aladdin Industries; 1982. Canadian issue only. Note the Canadian Maple Leaf flag in lower right corner. Minor wear; colors bright. C-8.5 or nicer. 39.00

STAR TREK. full color graphics on black plastic. white handle. 1979 issued in Canada only. Made by Aladdin in Rexdale Ontario. colors are strong. used. very good plus to excellent. no flaws; just normal light wear. HARD TO FIND. scarce! 140.00

1983 Masters of the Universe LUNCH BOX & THERMOS by Aladdin plastic vinyl. lunch pail is complete with handle. thermos is complete. no flaws. minor wear from use. excellent or nicer. 39.50

Seattle MARINERS Baseball Team.  molded blue plastic.  promotional from Gatorade.  dark blue handle.  clean.   excellent.  12.00


BALLERINA with THERMOS. Aladdin Industries; 1960's. Beautiful lilac color with graphics of ballerinas. There are no rips; no tears; no stains. The Thermos is complete with lid. Very scarce piece. The box is a solid C-9 to C-9.5. THERMOS is C-8.5. The set: 425.00
front * thermos

FESS PARKER Kaboodle Kit from The DANIEL BOONE TV Show. Standard Plastics Products. 1964. great graphics on brown simulated leather. black handle. displays excellently. there is a tiny 1/4" or smaller in both lower front corners. there are splits on seam visible from the interior. sounds bad - but looks great. an exceptionally hard to find box! graphics are mint. 319.99
front * top

THE FLYING NUN with THERMOS Brunch Bag. Aladdin Industries; 1968; copyright Screen Gems. From that great TV Show starring Sally Fields. Unbelievable condition; unused. No flaws. Thermos is complete; vivid coloration. This rare set is UNLISTED! Overall C-9.9+. (if it still had it's original tags; I would call it a perfect 10!) The set: 500.00
front * thermos

PAC-MAN. copyright 1980 by Bally; Midway. Made by Aladdin Industries. Soft "puffy" vinyl. near mint to mint. 79.50

THE PINK PANTHER Vinyl Lunch Box. 1980 United Artists. Aladdin. white with color graphics of Pink Panther and Inspector Clouseau. white. No rips; no tears; no splits. a bit dusty from storage. colors are very strong and bright. Near mint or nicer. rarely found this nice! 139.50
front * back

RAGGEDY ANN AND ANDY Vinyl Lunch Box. 1977 The Bobbs-Merrill Company. Aladdin. color graphics of them on blue "denim" type background. white handle. minor wear to color along edges. no rips; no tears; no splits. excellent plus to near mint. (please note that this is NOT the taller brunch bag - but the vinyl lunchbox!). extremely hard to find and rarely seen this nice! 289.50
front * back

U.S. SPACE CHALLENGER SHUTTLE. Soft "puffy" vinyl by Nappe-Babcock. Dark blue with the CHALLENGER illustrated on front. 2" split on seam; along left side. Very clean; can be repaired. Overall; near mint. VERY SCARCE! 195.00
front * close-up

YOSEMITE SAM and BUGS BUNNY vinyl box. Warner Bros. 1971 King-Seely. Extremely scarce lunchbox. Colorful graphics on front of YOSEMITE with his guns drawn. Backside has a mad Elmer Fudd with BUGS BUNNY munching carrot. There is light soiling under the clear vinyl. The only defects are a 1/4" tear in lower left corner of reverse side - and a 1/2" semi circular rip on lower right of reverse side. No other splits. Handle is fine; interior is fine. Overall; excellent condition - colors bright. 300.00
front * back


ASTRONAUT Dome King-Seely; circa 1960. A beautiful SPACE related set. Great graphics of rockets and a moon scene with astronauts. Colors are bright and vivid. minor nicks and dings. interior has minor surface corrosion. there is corrosion on the latches. needs a good cleaning and waxing. overall in C-7 to C-7.5 condition. very good to very good plus. NO Thermos. 139.50
front * back * side 1 * side 2 * inside

CABLE CAR. Aladdin Industries; circa 1962. Great graphics of a San Francisco NOB HILL Trolley. has not been cleaned or polished. light wear to backside. some litho chipping at top right near handle base. wear to base. Interior is clean; with minimal paint loss. No dents; no gouges. very presentable. overall C-8. 195.00
front * back * inside

CABLE CAR with THERMOS. Aladdin Industries; circa 1962. Great graphics of a San Francisco NOB HILL Trolley. Minor edge wear; with no dings or dents. Minimal wear to base. Interior is clean; with some paint loss. The matching thermos bottle is complete and beautiful; although there are a couple small nail head sized flakes at the very bottom edge. . The BOX is C-8 or nicer; the thermos is C-8+. The set: 495.00
front * back * thermos

CHUCK WAGON with THERMOS. Aladdin; 1958; Colors are bright and vivid. In very very nice condition with a couple of flaws. On the right side handle hinge; there is some rust. There are a couple other very small rust spots; almost negligible. VERY minor rim wear. The bottom is clean and bright. The interior is clean and bright. The thermos is complete; bright with vivid colors. Hard to grade. If it did not have the small rust under the handle; I would grade it higher. Overall BOX is C-8+ or nicer! THERMOS is C-9.5. The set: 289.50
front * back * thermos

DENIM DINER with THERMOS. Aladdin Industries; 1975. Very hard to find dome. Lithography blue denim with patchwork style dog and flowers. Red vinyl strap handle. Litho is bright and clean with tarnishing to hasps. Interior shows minimal wear. Vinyl thermos is complete. BOX is C-8.5 to C-9. THERMOS is C-8 or nicer. The set: 125.00
front * back * thermos

THE LIFE AND TIMES OF GRIZZLY ADAMS. Aladdin Industries. 1977. based on the TV Show. full color graphics on all sides and bottom. some paint loss to interior. light overall wear. a solid C-7.5 or better. has not been cleaned or polished. 139.50
front * back * inside

PSYCHEDELIC with THERMOS. Aladdin Industries; circa 1969. An extremely scarce pail in superlative condition. UNUSED. Interior is mint with unused name sticker intact. The original label is still attached under the handle. There are a couple of very minor surface scratches and scuffs (shelf wear). Includes the scarce vinyl black and yellow thermos. The thermos is complete - there is a minor stain on the thermos lid - see photo (very minor). BOX is C-9.5+; thermos is C-9 to C-9.5. The set: 450.00
front * back * thermos

Walt Disney SCHOOL BUS. Aladdin Industries. circa 1960. designed to look like an yellow school bus. fantastic color lithography with GOOFY as the bus driver. Jiminy Cricket is standing in the doorway as Mickey and Pluto greet the bus. Looking out the bus windows are a whole slew of characters: Alice; Pinocchio; Dumbo; Morty; Ferdie; Huey; Dewey; Louie; Dopey; Thumper. Donald Duck and Bambi are standing on the other side of the bus. Exceptionally well lithographed item. All sides; front and back and the top are full litho AS WELL AS the bottom is lithographed to look like the chassis of a real bus! interior is clean with very minor oxidation in the crevices. the color are very strong and very bright. the litho on the base is exceptionally clean. On the very bottom edge of the rear of the bus is minimal oxidation - very minor. there is a tiny scuff to the left of the "S" in the world School on the back side. not dents. no gouges. very nice! C-9 or nicer. One of the most popular lunch pails ever made and rarely found this nice! 179.50
front * back * bottom

Walt Disney SCHOOL BUS. Aladdin Industries. circa 1960. designed to look like an yellow school bus. fantastic color lithography with GOOFY as the bus driver. Jiminy Cricket is standing in the doorway as Mickey and Pluto greet the bus. Looking out the bus windows are a whole slew of characters: Alice; Pinocchio; Dumbo; Morty; Ferdie; Huey; Dewey; Louie; Dopey; Thumper. Donald Duck and Bambi are standing on the other side of the bus. Exceptionally well lithographed item. All sides; front and back and the top are full litho AS WELL AS the bottom is lithographed to look like the chassis of a real bus! interior has some paint loss but no rust. very minor paint wear around the hinge. scuffing to the bases. colors are strong. no dents; no gouges. overall very nice! C-8 to C-8.5. One of the most popular lunch pails ever made. 139.50
front * back * side 1 * side 2 * inside


Walt Disney's THE BLACK HOLE with THERMOS. Aladdin 1979. From the Sci-Fi movie. Raised image on front of the spaceship. Minimal edge wear. Great raised images on reverse of the robot stars VINCENT and MAXIMILLIAN. Minor edge wear with small ding in upper left corner rim. Interior has some paint loss. Vinyl thermos is complete and bright. BOX is C-8.5; THERMOS is C-9. The set: 125.00
front * back * thermos

BUCK ROGERS with THERMOS. 1979; Aladdin. Based on the Sci-Fi TV Space Adventure series. Beautiful raised graphics. Colors are bright and vivid. Interior is near mint to mint; thermos is complete. BOX is C-9+; THERMOS is C-9.5+. The set: 150.00
front * back * thermos

CAMPELL'S KIDS with THERMOS. 1959; American Thermos. Covered with graphics of the Campbell Soup kids riding bicycle; playing baseball; at the beach; having a barbeque; flying a kite; playing ice hockey; football; croquet; etc. Colors are bright and vivid; Interior is clean. Minor rim wear to front; minor overall wear to reverse. Sides and bottom are beautiful. Thermos is complete; bright and vivid. Clean interior. BOX is C-8.5; the rare THERMOS is C-8.5. The scarce set for: 325.00
front * back * thermos

CARE BEARS. 1984. Aladdin. embossed images. very colorful graphics of them. colors are strong and bright. interior is near mint. Overall; there is very minimal edge wear to high spots and rims. Near mint. C-9.5 condition. NO THERMOS. 50.00
front * back

CLASH OF THE TITANS with THERMOS. 1981; King Seely. from the MGM movie. Front has him on Pegasus attacking monster. Reverse has closeup of him talking with the mechanical owl. Front is beautiful; reverse has some paint loss on bottom side of bottom rim. Interior is very nice. Vinyl thermos is complete; but has NASTY crack down the side. BOX is C-8.5+; THERMOS is broken. The set: 99.50
front * back * thermos

COLONEL ED McCAULEY SPACE EXPLORER with THERMOS. Aladdin Industries. Copyright 1960 by ZIV TV. No dents or major defects; average rim wear to front; with the illustrated area quite nice. Great graphics of astronauts and rocketship with moon in background. On the backside; there is average rim wear with a couple of spots of excessive wear - especially from the control panel to the astronaut's knee. The interior is very clean. The thermos is complete; with brilliant vivid colors. BOX is C-7.5 to C-8. THERMOS is C-9 to C-9.5. the set: 469.50
front * back * thermos

DANIEL BOONE. dated 1955, Aladdin Industries. raised images. The front has DANIEL BOONE swinging his musket at attaching Indians, with the fort in background. The reverse has him kneeling, about to fire his musket at charging bear. Interior is nice. No rust. Minor edge wear to the high yellow rims. The base is nice. no dent, no gouges. This pail has NOT been cleaned or polished, so will look even better! no thermos, just the pail. This pail is very hard to find in this condition. C-8.5 or nicer. 250.00
* back

DR. SEUSS with Thermos. officially titled "The World of Dr. Seuss". dated 1970. Aladdin Industries. raised images of The Cat in the Hat and Horton the Elephant. very clean. minimal edge wear on high rims. interior is clean and rust free. the thermos is in superior condition, complete and clean. colors are bright and strong. box is C-8.5 or better! the thermos is C-9.5 or nicer. hard to find this set any nicer! 289.50
front * back * thermos

E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL without THERMOS. Aladdin Industries 1982. Based on the Universal City Studios movie. Great raised graphics of E.T. touching fingers with his young friend. Reverse has the kids pedaling their bikes thru the air, again the graphics are "raised". There is some rim wear. Interior is excellent. no thermos. There is a minor dent on the tip of the corner in the lower left. Minor wear to the raised E.T. name on back side. Overall, excellent. C-8. 35.00

EVERETT AQUASOX.  minor league baseball team.  metal.  very colorful.  modern issue.  promotional from Chicago Title Insurance and Disney Radio AM 1250.  clean.  excellent to near mint.  15.00

GREAT WILD WEST with THERMOS. Universal, 1959. A great Western theme on this very scarce and sought after box. On the front is graphics of INDIAN with War Bonnet in full regalia on his Paint horse, with teepees in background. On reverse is COWBOY on horseback holding up his Winchester Rifle. Western motif around the sides. The interior is exceptionally clean. The box has minor rim wear; with some fine surface scratches on reverse side. The thermos is complete; and very clean. BOX is C-8.5; the THERMOS is C-9. 595.00
front * back * thermos

HOWDY DOODY Lunch Box. Adco-Liberty. 1954. great full color graphics of Howdy; Princess; Dilly and Mr. Bluster having a cook out around the chuck wagon. The reverse side has scenes from history. used but not abused. normal edge wear. no dents or gouges. quite dirty. needs to be cleaned and polished. excellent. C-7.5 or nicer. 275.00
front * back

JET PATROL with THERMOS. Aladdin; 1957. Great litho of BOEING B-52 STRATOFORTRESS and Lockheed F-104 Star Fighter on the front. Reverse has Grumman F11F-1 TIGER and Douglas A-30 SKY WARRIOR as well as the U.S.S. Forrestal Aircraft Carrier in the background. Along the sides are illustrated a Douglas X-3; Douglas C-133; Voodoo; Sabre Jet; Northrop Snark and more. No rust; no gouge; no major flaws. Overall even wear with light rim wear. The red has bleached out in the upper right half of the front - still displays very nicely. Reverse has strong colors. Interior bright and clean. Thermos is complete and in superior condition with bright; vivid colors. BOX FRONT is C-7 to C-8; BOX REVERSE is C-8 or nicer. THERMOS is C-9.5. Very scarce set: 369.50
front * back * thermos

THE KROFT SUPERSHOW from Sid & Marty Kroft. Aladdin 1976. raised images. The front has the WONDERBUG Dune Buggy flying over the beach. The reverse has ELECTRA WOMAN and DYNAGIRL in their space car. The interior is excellent. The front is a C-9 to C9.5. On the reverse, their is some edge wear along the edge of her hair and on her right elbow area. Overall, the colors are very strong and bright. C-9; near mint. NO THERMOS. 89.50
front * back

Walt Disney's New MICKEY MOUSE CLUB. Aladdin. 1977. embossed images. Front shows flying sailboat with all the Mouseketeers. Reverse has them in chorus line. interior has some paint flaking and is very good. Minor rim wear and minor wear to the high spots. colors are strong and bright. C-7.5 to C-8 or better. Very good plus to excellent. NO THERMOS. 42.50
front * back

NFL QUARTERBACK Football. Aladdin. 1964. embossed images. great action football scene between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers on the front. on the backside is action scene with the NY Jets and Cleveland Browns. team logos on the sides. red handle. missing the thermos "bale" on the inside (no biggie). some wear to interior. no rust. no gouges. small dings in tips of a couple corners. overall C8.5 or nicer. excellent plus or better. 135.00
front * back * side * inside

ORBIT with THERMOS. King-Seely; 1963. Great graphics of Astronaut inside Space Capsule on front. Reverse shows rocket launching. Has heavy rim wear with minor rim rust on lower left of reverse side. Interior is okay. Comes with the earlier; TALL version thermos; which is complete and bright and shining. BOX is C-7; THERMOS is C-9.5+ The set: 295.00
front * back * thermos

SATELLITE with THERMOS. American Thermos; 1958. This is the "narrow" earlier version. Beautiful 1950's style space scenes of rockets on the moon, space station, etc. Great Outer Space graphics! Interior is clean and excellent. Colors are bright and vivid, with no flaws. Minor edge wear to the gray border. Thermos is complete and flawless. The BOX is C-8.5 to C-9. The THERMOS is C-9. Beautiful set for: 225.00
front * back * thermos

SPACE 1999 with THERMOS. 1976, King Seely. Based on the Gerry Anderson sci-fi TV series. MARTIN LANDAU and the rover vehicle on the front. On reverse is BARBARA BAIN and some kind of octopus-like alien. Front has minor rim wear. Reverse displays beautifully, BUT has heavy rim wear on the bottom of the rim border. Minor paint loss to interior. Vinyl thermos is complete. BOX is C-8 or nicer. THERMOS is C-8.5. The set: 139.50
front * back * thermos

SPACE SHUTTLE ORBITER ENTERPRISE with Both THERMOS. 1977, King Seely. Nice graphics on front of astronauts repairing satellite with SPACE SHUTTLE in background. Reverse has launching of the rocket. Interior is clean. Includes BOTH Thermos variations. One is yellow, blue and white artwork, and the other one has RED, blue and white artwork. Both are complete. BOX is C-8.5 to C-9, with only minor rim wear. Both THERMOS are C-8.5 to C-9. All 3 pieces: 195.00
front * back * thermos

SUBMARINES with Thermos. 1960. American Thermos Products. United States Naval Submarines illustrated on all sides. Front has USS Seawolf; reverse USS George Washington; left side has USS Skipjack; right side has USS Nautilus; base has cutaway view of the USS Nautilus. interior is clean. the very scarce thermos is in excellent plus condition BUT the stopper is cracked and there is no cup. we have not cleaned or polished this item and it would look a bit nicer once it has been done. minor wear with minimal surface oxidation along borders. no gouges or dents. very presentable. Thermos is C-9 but as described. Box is C-7.5 or better. 125.00
front * back * thermos

1954 SUPERMAN by Universal. One of the earliest and finest looking pails made - and to boot - extremely rare. This is the Holy Grail for collectors! A MINT one recently sold for over $14,000.00 at auction! This one is not mint, but is very, very presentable. The front has fantastic artwork of SUPERMAN flying toward gigantic Robot. The reverse has collage of artwork, him carrying an airliner, breaking a chain across his chest, and smashing thru a brick wall. Licensed by National Periodicals (DC Comics). Besides the normal, even wear and minor nicks, there is wear all around the rims - with a bit heavier wear to the blue border of the reverse. There is a very minor "push-in" on the upper left corner of the front. There is a minor surface scratch on reverse, about dead center - with another very fine one to the left. The nickeled handle is free of rust. Interior is minor paint loss, but overall very nice. This piece did NOT come with a thermos. overall, this one is a solid C-7, up to C-8. There is no rust, no major dents or major flaws. 1650.00
front * back

1954 SUPERMAN by Universal. This pail was NOT issued with a thermos. The front has fantastic artwork of SUPERMAN flying toward a gigantic Robot who is holding a passenger bus in his hand as jets fly toward him. Flames about his feet, the city skyline behind. The reverse has collage of artwork, Superman carrying an airliner, breaking a chain across his chest, and smashing thru a brick wall. Licensed by National Periodicals (DC Comics). The front ROBOT side is very nice. The worst area is a minor rub at the far left and a minor nick at the bottom of the "U" in the name. Minor rim wear with the worst area at the far left front edge. No dents, no serious dings or flaws. Reverse side has rim wear and light surface scratches. Red side panels have yellow drawings of Superman. The illustration of him on the bottom has a scratch in his feet. The interior is not bad, no rust. The light stains inside should clean off. This box was used as a first aid kit for years, and there were notes taped inside - so some of the residue is older dried up tape residue. The colors are extremely bright and vivid. PLEASE NOTE: there was a paper first aid sign that was placed on the front of the pail - which is why the front (ROBOT) is so bright and clean. It was protected all these years. However, there is a very thin film -along the edges - spotty, not every where. This is very hard to see, unless you hold it up to the light at an angle - it is very negligible, and most people would not ever notice it. Some of it has chipped away, and some has not. It is like a hardened white paste - transparent and VERY thin. I have enclosed 2 close up views of the corners, which are the worst area. I have NOT tried polishing it out, or anything like that. The box displays magnificently, as it is. C-8+ or better, excellent plus or nicer. there are lots of photos below. This is a beauty! 2100.00
pic #1 * pic #2 * pic #3 * pic #4 * pic #5
* pic #6 * pic #7 * pic #8 * pic #9 * pic #10

TARZAN with THERMOS. Aladdin, 1966. Raised images. Front has TARZAN with knife - fighting leaping lion. The back shows him carrying chimp on back with menacing gorilla. Has edge wear - not bad on front. On reverse, there is more edge wear, and some light surface scratches. Interior is clean with very little wear. Thermos is complete, bright and vivid colors. BOX is C-8, THERMOS is C-9.5. The set: 159.50
front * back * thermos

TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET with THERMOS. Aladdin, 1952. This is the RED VERSION. Color picture is excellent plus with a couple tiny nick. There is some edge wear to the red finish along the rims. Interior is rust free, and overall excellent. Thermos is excellent plus with bright, vivid colors. Overall, BOX is C-8 and the THERMOS is C-9 or nicer. The set: 289.50
front * back * thermos

TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET. Rare, full lithographed version. Aladdin, 1954. Heavy rim wear, lots of fine scratches on front and back. No rust, no dings or dents. colors bright, shining. Interior has paint loss - no rust (has been cleaned). We offer MINT thermos bottle under the section for thermos. Overall, C-7+ or nicer. 395.00
front * back

TRAVELERS by Ohio Art. 1962. blue background with red borders. along the sides are illustrations of trains; boats; airplanes. on the front and back are full color travel destination stickers like the kind on luggage. Canada; Mexico; Brazil; Greece; Switzerland; Japan; France; etc. interior is clean. no rust; no dents; no gouges. minor edge wear. bright and vivid colors. C-8.5 or nicer. 49.50
front * back

UFO with THERMOS. King Seely 1973. Based on the Gerry Anderson TV Series. Spaceships and space graphics. Normal rim wear. Interior has some paint loss. vinyl thermos is complete and very bright. BOX is C-8 or nicer, THERMOS is C-9.5+. The set for: 150.00
front * back * thermos

U.S. SPACE CORPS with THERMOS. Universal, 1961. An extremely hard item to find! Front and back have dashboard controls from a rocket, with space vehicles lithoed around the sides. There are a couple of pinhead flakes on the lower left dial of the front side, and also on both the lower left dials on reverse. No dents or major flaws. Interior has minor paint loss. The unique rocketship shaped Vanguard IV thermos is complete. BOX is C-7.5; the THERMOS is C-9. The set: 325.00
front * back * thermos

THE WILD WILD WEST.  from the TV Show.  Aladdin.  1969.  raised embossed images.  front pictures him on horseback chasing train.  reverse has him fighting gunman.  reverse has minor wear - nothing serious.   no dents or gouges.  minor edge wear.  overall in C-8 condition.  scarce.  289.50
front    *    back    *    side

Walt Disney WONDERFUL WORLD & WORLD ON ICE. Aladdin. 1980. Raised; embossed images. The front is WONDERFUL WORLD and has Mickey Pluto and Donald's Nephew in Train with the Castle in background. The reverse is WORLD ON ICE and has Mickey and Minnie ice skating in the revue. Along the side panels are illustrations from the Magic Kingdom. The interior is very clean. Minor edge wear on rims. The embossing in near mint to mint. On the reverse side; there is a dent in the rim; above the "L" in WORLD. overall a solid C-8.5. NO THERMOS. 40.00
front * back

YANKEE DOODLES. King Seely. 1975. front shows George Washington character with early Minutemen crossing the Delaware; while the soldiers fish; play guitars; hold a surfboard; hold a blow up tube; etc. He is telling his men "Didn't ANYBODY Read the Bulletin Board". Backside shows George; Ben Franklin and Betsy Ross with giant American Flag. Characters copyright Los Angeles Times. Interior is excellent plus to near mint. Overall; colors are strong and bright. There is minimal edge wear. C-8.5. Excellent plus or nicer. NO THERMOS. 49.50
front * back

Walt Disney's ZORRO. Aladdin; 1966. This is the scarcer version with red sky & red border. Raised image of ZORRO rearing up on his horse MIDNIGHT. Reverse side has raised image of him in sword duel. Normal rim wear. Raised images are immaculate w/negligible wear. Colors are bright and vivid. Interior is clean. BOX is C-8.5 or better. NO THERMOS. Very attractive piece! 175.00
front * back


large MAXWELL HOUSE Regular Grind Coffee thermos bottle by Thermos. larger size 9.75". late 1950's to early 1960 vintage. complete with lid and cup. near mint to mint. 39.50

POPEYE. 1964 King-Seely Thermos. steel bottle. Popeye ties up boat to dock as Olive Oyl watches, Wimpy is spilling paint as he falls. Has the cap, but is missing the lid. Tiny dent at bottom of Wimpy's feet. Minor wear on the vertical seam. Overall, excellent. C-8 to C-8.5. colors are strong and bright. 45.00

c.1952 Tom Corbett SPACE CADET Thermos. used but in excellent condition. there is a crack in the red "cup" lid. 69.50

c.1952 Tom Corbett SPACE CADET Thermos. MINT in box with illustrated pamphlet. Never used - old warehouse find! the end flap and one inner box flap are off BUT are included. overall the box is near mint. Great graphics! RARE! 259.50

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