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C110. TUCKETTS AVIATION SERIES - 1929. Tuckett Tobacco Company. Ontario Canada. scarce regional series.
full color illustrations of airplanes by artist F. Kenwood Giles. card dimensions are 45mm by 68mm. reverse has short biographical information on the plane. they could be redeemed for prizes - which could explain their scarcity.
They came in a few different series. Although the backs state that there are 52 cards in the set - since there are 3 series and I do have duplicate numbers with different airplanes - there MIGHT be a total of 156 different cards??? The ACC catalog states 52 dated and 52 undated cards - so I am not sure. we will refer to them as:
Type Ia - May 1929 date on back

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# airplane name back type condition price

De Havilland MOTH

II minor ding in upper left 14.00
6 Cierva AUTOGIRO C19 Ib excellent plus 18.00
10 Beardman INFLEXIBLE Ib excellent plus 18.00
12 Wright APACHE Ib minor insect damage in lower right edge. otherwise it is excellent plus 12.00
20 BARLING N.B. 3 Ib excellent plus 18.00
21 Blackburn CUBAROO Ib light crease in lower left 14.00
25 FORD TRI-MOTOR Ib excellent plus 18.00
26 CURTISS FALCON Ib excellent plus 18.00
28 FOKKER AMPHIBIAN Ib excellent plus 18.00
folding wing monplane
Ib excellent plus 18.00
30 HALPIN Flamingo Ib light soiling in upper right 12.00
31 STEARMAN C.2 Ia tip of upper left corner off. light age soiling 10.00
Cabin Plane
Ib excellent plus 18.00
36 ARGOSY JAGUAR Ia light corner creases 12.00
37 RIPON II II excellent plus 18.00
40 FIAT C.R. 20 Fighter Ib excellent plus 18.00
44 VICKERS FLYING BOAT Ib excellent plus 18.00
45 LOENING Amphibian Ib tip of upper left corner off 10.00
46 MACCHI 52 Seaplane II excellent - faint horizontal wrinkle 15.00
47 AVRO AVIAN Ib age stains 12.00

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