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(these are all OLDER Original issue - not modern copies or re-issues UNLESS stated otherwise)

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empty box.  SCHUCO SOLISTO.  made in U.S. Zone Germany.  box pictures the Clown Violinist; Clown Drummer; Monkey Violinist; Monkey Drummer.  no figure - empty box only.  name inked on one panel.  some creases and wrinkles.  box is complete and intact with all flaps.  89.00

Schuco windup TUMBLING PETER. tin face with wild blond hair.  plastic hands with long fingers, short black feet.  Red jacket, green pants, black bowtie, white collar and brown leatherette belt.  when wound, he doe continuous tumbling.  no flaws.  bright and clean.  1950's vintage.  an extremely hard to find piece that is rarely seen this nice.  near mint or nicer.  339.50


German Schuco 3.5" tall jointed MONKEY with TIN face.  brown mohair with the original felt hands - feet - and ears intact.   no wear spots.  no flaws.  mint.  195.00

Schuco JANUS TWO FACE BEAR.  golden mohair.  3.5" tall. jointed.  issued circa 1954.  when knob is turned he turns his head around to view cartoon face.  missing his little red vinyl tongue from the "clown" side.  easily replaced.  no other flaws.  bright and clean.   overall near mint plus.  299.50

Schuco  NOAH'S ARK "LION".  No tail; otherwise minty condition.  75.00


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Schuco 3000 Telesteering windup car.  red.  original 1930's issue.  Made in Germany.  3.5" long.  4 speed selector lever inside windshield.  can be steered with steering mechanism attached thru roof.  a few small paint scrapes.  overall very good plus or nicer.  paint is bright and shining.  NOT WORKING.   49.00

Schuco-Classic 01050 WENDEAUTO.  red windup.  5" long.  modern issue 1990's or newer.  when wound it will drive to edge of the table and then turn to the left just as it seems it will run off the edge!  mint in window display box.  sorry sold

Schuco #1500 TELEPHONE GARAGE.  late 1940's made in U.S. Zone Germany.  cream colored with gray roof and orange trim.  twin opening doors.  diecast telephone mounted on side.  when string is pulled the doors open.  6" by 3" by 2.5" tall.  no dents; no rust.  very minimal wear.  overall excellent plus to near mintsorry sold

Schuco MERCEDES C111 #351-132 Automatic Racer.  5" long windup.  Opening doors.  Molded orange body w/interior, opening doors. Works fine.  excellent plus.  150.00

Schuco #355242 ELEKTRO POLIZEIAUTO Mercedes.  Battery operated Mercedes 200 Police Car, 10" long.  2 Tone Siren, flashing roof light, steers.  Car is near mint to mint, but is MISSING one hubcap.  Illustrated box is excellent.  Circa 1970 vintage.  245.00

SCHUCO bat-op 10" MERCEDES  w/steering mechanism; white; mint in near mint/box.  295.00

Schuco 1910 MERCER – non-mechanical version.  blue. 7.75" long.  Mint in box.   155.00

SCHUCO bat-op 9"  OH HAPPY DAYS Dune Buggy;  mint in exc. box 195.00

Schuco bat-op 12" EXPEDITION KILIMANDSCHARO "Safari Wagon" Mercedes 408.  mint in box with all accessories (tools; chests; wheels; guns; camera; walkie-talkies; etc.).  Box is near mint.   Great toy!  Large.    295.00

Scarce SCHUCO red plastic windup BUS.  3.5" long.  1960’s.  near mint with original plastic box.  75.00

(approximately 1:16 scale)

very scarce version of the  1071 LOTUS FORMEL 1 formula race car LIGHTER.   Red w/yellow stripe,  #1 on bonnet.  In the back, where the motor goes, is a W. German made CONSUL butane lighter.  This is NOT home made.  These were either presentational Desk Top promos from Schuco, or else they were made by Schuco for OTHER companies.   Missing one of the removeable side view mirrors, but overall, excellent.   Measures approx. 9" long.    275.00

Schuco bat-op TYRELL FORMULA 1 Race Car  with battery operated steering mechanism.  9" long.  mint in near mint to mint box.  never played with.   Scarce!   395.00

MONTAGE - construction model kits

Schuco windup montage McLAREN Race Car.  set #225190.  1960's issue.  NOT COMPLETE.  this is the empty box with inner tray; instruction booklet; one wheel; wrench; windup key and the "jack".  there is some tape on corner.  overall what is here is excellent or nicer.   65.00

empty box.  5504.  ELEKTRO MONTAGE CADILLACno car.  this is the complete box with plastic tray insert.  large 10" by 14".  couple of split corners but overall very presentable.  35.00


Schuco #1043/1 MERCEDES SSK Micro Racer.  with with silver trim.  off-white interior.  GRAY rubber tires.  made in Western Germany.  4.5" long.  one front tire is flat.  overall near mint plus.  110.00

Schuco #1040 FERRARI Micro Racer.  Light Green with race #7.  white nose with older style gray tires.  diecast body.   Made in U.S. Zone Germany.  includes the original short style black metal key.  light play wear.  works great. includes original chromed short style key.  overall very good plus.  85.00

Schuco VOLKSWAGEN 1046 Micro Racer.  grayish blue diecast windup.  1960's original issue Made in Western Germany.  gray rubber tires are cracking and the rear two are flat.  works great.  includes key.  no play wear.  paint  is excellent or nicer.  sorry sold

Micro Race #1048.  OPEL GT Automatic Racer.  yellow with black interior.  opening doors.  4.5" long.  includes original key and pamphlet.  no flaws; no wear.   box includes cardboard insert but is missing cellophane.  mint in box.  99.50

Schuco 5.5"  see-thru MICRO RACER #1002;  made for Creative Playthings; near mint. 185.00


Varianto U.S. Zone 3042 light green LASTO Truck.  dirty. surface rust on rear wheel.  some "spidering to finish".  very good.  79.50

Varianto U.S. Zone 3042 red LASTO Truck.  paint chip on roof.  works great.  includes original short style chromed key & steering cable.  very good plus.  85.00

Varianto Western Germany 3047 darker Red LADDER TRUCK.  only has one ladder.  very good to excellent.   99.50

Varianto Western Germany 3048 black PATROL CAR (very scarce; issued only in the Broderick Crawford HIGHWAY PATROL set).  This set was issued in the UK only; never released in the United States.   some wear to the white door decals.  overall excellent.   sorry sold

3010/31.  Varianto TUNNEL.  4" long by 2" tall.  nice accessory item for the Varianto sets.  Specifically designed for them with the "hump" in the base for the cables to connect.  early - Made in U.S. Zone Germany.  excellent.  15.00

3010/25.  Varianto INTERCHANGE CONNECTOR.  gray hard plastic.  U.S. Zone Germany.  used to create loops in a Varianto track and provide a starting point for the cars.   used - shows wear but still functions as intended.  5.00


SCHUCO tin w/u car; German; 1950’s; US ZONE. MIRAKOCAR #1001; red; near mint 159.50

Schuco PLAY & REALITY SET #4526,  mint in near mint box. Unbelievably scarce set. Magnificent condition!  2950.00
pic 1     *     pic 2     *     pic 3

ARE Schuco SPIEL UND WICHLICHKEIT Deluxe boxed set #4525. with POLICEMAN, 2 EXAMICO Cars and 2 BICYCLES.  mint in box.  3000.00
pic 1     *     pic 2     *     pic 3     *     pic 4     *     pic 5


SCHUCO "Teleco 3003" windup boat.  7.5".   Germany.  excellent.  148.50


MUHAMMAD ALI (the world's greatest boxer!).  older German STORE advertising poster for SCHUCO TOYS.  23" x 33".  fold lines as mailed.  mint.  750.00

TOOL SET for Schuco RACE CARS. Circa 1970 vintage.  Includes 4 nickel plated “knock off wheel hubs”; 1 brass nut; combination wrench and pry; double ended wrench; “crank” wind. All pieces are metal. 3 of the tools are fully marked SCHUCO. Set is unused.  flawless!  Package is a bit dirty.  MINT.  sorry sold

 Large size.   1 5/8” by 2” wide.  #3 windup key for SCHUCO.   Has the SCHUCO logo on each side. The actual shaft is 1” long. This key is LARGE.  but will work with just about anything except the shaft seems too thick to fit the small “varianto” cars. It does work with the windup figures; boats; larger cars; micro racers; etc.  MINT.  12.50

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