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1920. D381-1. Gassler's American-Maid Bread Cards. black and white photo cards. reverse has company ad logo. EXTREMELY scarce issue. as is typical - all show signs of wear. please click on thumbnail photos to view larger image.

attention: all realistic offers will be considered on these cards



gasslerbreadsign.JPG (20712 bytes)     GASSLER'S BREAD cardboard store sign. 1920's or earlier vintage. nice companion item. dark blue on white. approx. 11" by 9.25". 8 Cents for SLICED GASSLER'S MOTHERS BREAD. no creases. clean. scarce and unusual. sorry sold


bagby1.JPG (43466 bytes)     bagby2.JPG (43571 bytes)     JIM BAGBY.  P. Cleveland Americans. 245.00

douglas1.JPG (50006 bytes)     douglas2.JPG (36524 bytes)     "PHIL" DOUGLAS. P. New York Nationals. 249.00

faber1.JPG (46121 bytes)     faber2.JPG (41625 bytes)     URBAN FABER. P. Chicago Americans. 495.00

frisch1.JPG (46732 bytes)     frisch2.JPG (41674 bytes)     FRANK FRISCH. 3rd B. New York Nationals. 749.00

graney1.JPG (43768 bytes)     graney2.JPG (39834 bytes)     JOHN GRANEY. Utl. O.F.  Cleveland Americans. 150.00

kilduff1.JPG (46609 bytes)     kilduff2.JPG (41953 bytes)     P.J. KILDUFF.  2nd B. Brooklyn Nationals. sorry sold

mcinnis1.JPG (46180 bytes)     mcinnis2.JPG (37748 bytes)     JACK McINNIS.  1st B. Boston Americans.sorry sold

milan1.JPG (47245 bytes)     milan2.JPG (39020 bytes)     CLYDE MILAN. R.F. Washington Americans. 250.00

rawlings1.JPG (46754 bytes)     rawlings2.JPG (43972 bytes)     JOHN RAWLINGS. 2nd B. New York Nationals. sorry sold

rice1.JPG (48450 bytes)     rice2.JPG (35364 bytes)     E.C. RICE. C.F. Washington Americans. sorry sold

roth1.JPG (43790 bytes)     roth2.JPG (39686 bytes)     ROBERT ROTH. Outf.  New York Americans. 400.00

ryan1.JPG (43197 bytes)     ryan2.JPG (39972 bytes)     "BILL" RYAN. P. New York Nationals. 250.00

sallee1.JPG (43800 bytes)     sallee2.JPG (42362 bytes)     "SLIM" SALLEE.  P. New York Nationals. 400.00

shea1.JPG (47789 bytes)     shea2.JPG (34807 bytes)     "PAT" SHEA. P. New York Nationals. 250.00

snyder1.JPG (45877 bytes)     snyder2.JPG (37911 bytes)     FRANK SNYDER. C. New York Nationals. 150.00

wingo1.JPG (45641 bytes)     wingo2.JPG (43326 bytes)     IVY B. WINGO.  C. Cincinnati Nationals. 250.00

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