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1936-40 premium issue
many different companies are credited with their issue, including:
American Nut & Chocolate; Leader Novelty Candy; Red Ball
Soft felt material. each is approx. 4.25" by 2.25". flaws noted otherwise excellent plus or nicer.

please click on thumbnail photos to view larger image.

bf-amherst.JPG (43117 bytes) AMHERST.
minor scrap book glue residue on reverse. 20.00
bf3-army.JPG (38100 bytes) ARMY. $21.00
bradley.JPG (9815 bytes) BRADLEY with punter illustration. $25.00
minipennant-california.JPG (13348 bytes) CALIFORNIA. white on black. 21.00
carleton.JPG (12085 bytes) CARLETON with football player. $26.00
b-chicago.JPG (185358 bytes) CHICAGO. $21.00
b-cincinnati.JPG (167323 bytes) CINCINNATI. $21.00
b-holycross.JPG (181915 bytes) HOLY CROSS. $21.00
miami.JPG (9342 bytes) MIAMI with football image $25.00
michiganstate.JPG (7520 bytes) MICHIGAN STATE $22.00
navy.JPG (9589 bytes) NAVY. $22.50
bf-oregonstate.JPG (44768 bytes) OREGON STATE.
minor scrap book glue residue on reverse. 20.00
minipennant-oregonstate.JPG (10076 bytes) OREGON STATE. $21.00
princeton.JPG (8410 bytes) PRINCETON. $21.00
b-redlands.JPG (170832 bytes) REDLANDS. $21.00
ripon.JPG (10153 bytes) RIPON with football and goal posts $25.00
minipennant-texas.JPG (6133 bytes) TEXAS $21.00
bf-vermont.JPG (43227 bytes) VERMONT.
wear to yellow.
minor scrap book glue residue on reverse. 17.00
mini-vermont.JPG (11776 bytes) VERMONT $21.00
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