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ROVEX BUS from England.  hard plastic windup.  (Triang Minic).  blue with silvery gray base and bumpers.  black rubber tires. 3.25" long.  1950's.  has minor warpage.  works well.  no play wear.  aside from the normal warpage it would be mint.  49.00

PALITOY BUS from England.  hard plastic windup.  orange with green wheels.  tin plate base.  approx. 4.75" long.  1950's.  works well but does have the typical warpage.  otherwise no play wear.  39.00

MARX TOYS BUS hard plastic windup bus.  red with black wheels.  has a Flying Goose logo on each side.  1950's vintage.  tin plate base.  approx. 4.25" long.  windup works great.  minor wear to base plate.  plastic body is near mint.  45.00

MERCEDES BENZ BUS.  red and ivory with ivory interior.  approx. 4.5" long.  hard plastic.  made in Greece by Joy Toy.  #5.  no flaws.  mint.  29.00

BUS with right hand steering wheel.  friction drive hard plastic.  pale gray with yellow interior.  Made in Hong Kong by V.  9" long.  chrome trim.  rear luggage compartment opens.  overall near mint to mint BUT tip of right side rear bumper is broken off.  18.00

B.O.A.C. BUS by Blue Box.  made in Hong Kong.  Blue with ivory roof and green tinted windows.  6" long.  friction drive.  near mint.  60.00

Cursor.  1911894 ERSTER BENZ OMNIBUS (Benz First Bus) Hard plastic. made in Germany.   tan with yellow roof and black fenders.  mustard brown spoked wheels.  Thin plastic cover with cardboard display base.  Never played with.  C-10. mint in box.  45.00

 FAGEOL SAFETY COACH Bus in red.  1920’s. Large 12" cast iron.  very impressive.  excellent plus.  900.00

1930's CAST IRON BUS.  7.75" long.  red and silver.  Metal base plate.  White rubber tires on wooden hubs.  Casting is perfect with no chips.  no repairs.  no cracks.  Paint is excellent.  tires have hardened.  Neat roof fin in rear.  great looking bus.  295.00

slush mold OVERLAND BUS.  late 1920's to early 1930's vintage.  red.  metal disc wheels.  casting is perfect.  paint shows wear.  approx. 3.75" long.  very good or nicer.  89.50

GREEN BUS - Fageol style.  japanned green finish.  1920’s to early 1930's vintage.  American slush mold 3.5" long.  near mint  100.00

orange SLEEPER COACH Bus. red wheels. 1930's. American slush mold.  3.25".  very good.  79.50

RED SLEEPER COACH Bus.  1930's. American slush mold.  3.25".  excellent.  100.00

1930's PARIS-DEAUVILLE BUS #2917.  tin litho.  6.25" long.  yellow tin wheels.  Made in France - maker not known.  has driver figure lithoed in upper roof window.  light surface corrosion on one side.  scarce toy.  120.00

PCM Diecast Windup Bus.  European made.  approx. 7" long.  do not know who made this other than decal on back of bus reads PCM.  Key on right side of bus.  on/off switch on the left side.  celluloid windows.  diecast body.  polished aluminum base plate is held in place with screws.  black rubber tires on cast metal hubs.  one of the tires has a piece missing otherwise complete and in good working order.  paint is crazing and chipping (appears that no primer coat was used).  casting is perfect.  late 1940's vintage.  scarce.  199.50

STREAMLINE Mechanical Express Bus by Mettoy.  diecast windup.  Model No. 820.  red.  7.5" long.  no play wear.  dark red paint is bright and glossy.  appears that no primer coat was used.  unpainted metal base.  there are a few paint flakes - nothing awful.  one on roof and a couple on the rear.    windup up key slot on side with on/off lever at rear bumper.  includes very nice condition color illustrated box.  scarce!  circa early 1950's vintage.   299.50

ROAD RACE Set.  circa 1949.  made in Germany by Tipp & Co.  BUS & AMBULANCE.  tin lithographed windup   c. 1949.  complete with tin roadway (kind of like an early slot car set without slots!). Near mint in box.  plain box is worn   425.00

CHILDREN BUS.  circa early 1950's tin litho.  made in Japan.  4" long.  has a Greyhound type logo on sides.  very colorful bonnet style bus with children lithographed in the windows.  rear wheel friction drive motor works fine.  very good plus to excellent.  65.00

ANIMAL BUS.  circa 1952 issue.  early style flat roof bonnet bus.  has colorful graphics of animals in the windows and on roof.  free wheeling tin litho.  Made in Japan.  4" long.  colors are very strong and bright.  near mint to mint.  69.50

Ichiko S-T505 BUS.  tin litho with rear wheel friction drive.  a hair over 4" long.  Made in Japan.  very minimal wear to the top of roof.  excellent plus to near mint.  24.00

Wells-Brimtoy WINDUP BUS from Great Britain.  late 1940's or early 1950's vintage.  cream and red.  tin litho.  7.5" long.  License plate #CLX-553.  does show play wear but overall very good or nicer.  works fine.  key is permanently attached.  325.00

11.25" long.  Japanese tin litho GREYHOUND SCENICRUISER with roof rack.  Interesting design.  Classic Greyhound colors with logos on sides.  Name plate above windshield reads RESERVED.  Friction motor works fine.  Complete with all black rubber tires.  chromed hubcaps.  chromed bumpers.  No dents or serious gouges.  Minor scrapes and wear.  Overall very good plus to excellent.  C-8.  Colors are strong and bright.  149.50

GREYHOUND SCENICRUISER.  turquoise blue and white.  License plate #6916.  approx. 10" long.  Japanese tin litho.  friction drive.  4 wheels.  Manufacturer's logo is an "Anchor".  colorful   complete and working.  1960's vintage.  near mint to mint.  92.00

GREYHOUND LINES SCENICRUISER Bus.  License plate #M-732.  dark blue and grayish blue.  approx. 11.75" long.  Japanese tin litho friction drive.  6 wheels.  large and colorful.  complete and working.  late 1950's to early 1960's vintage.  excellent plus or nicer.  125.00

GREYHOUND SCENICRUISER General Motors bus.  Japanese tin litho.  friction drive.   7.5" long.  excellent.   65.00

AUTOBUS DOS PISOS Doubledecker Bus.  red hard plastic.  Made in Spain by Eko 2110.  HO 1:86 scale.  black base.  clear windows.  1970's vintage.  mint condition.  35.00

1925 AUTOBUS ANTIGUO.  made in Spain by Anguplas 395.  hard plastic.  1960's vintage.  1:86 HO scale.  approx. 4" long.  red double decker with black chassis and silver radiator.  very minimal warpage.   complete and near mint with color illustrated box.  box is near mint.  scarce!  39.50

NY 1964 WORLD’S FAIR Greyhound Bus GLIDE-A-RIDE.  Japanese tin lithograph with friction drive.  Distributed by Lowell Toy Corp. of New York.   8.5" long.  Toy consists of two sections.  hooked together.  never played with.  Toy is near mint to mint.  boxtop has small surface tear AND razor slit along bottom.  scarce!  295.00

tiny SWALLOW BUS.  Japanese tin litho windup.  small: approx. 2.75" long.  windup knob permanently attached.  has the SWALLOW logo on roof.  complete and working.  excellent to near mint.  15.00

CHINA BUS.  older tin lithographed friction drive.  approx. 6.75" long.  predominately red.  tin litho interior.  Made in China.  late 1970's vintage.  some minor wear.  very good plus to excellent.  complete and works well.  39.50

SCHOOL BUS.  Hong Kong hard plastic friction drive.  reddish orange base with white upper.  Lime green interior with blue tint windows.  chrome trim.  base is marked Hong Kong #645.  some chrome loss to the rear bumper.  overall excellent plus.  undated but 1970's vintage.  35.00

YELLOW SCHOOL BUS hard plastic.  7.75" long.  Says SUPERIOR SAFETY SAVES.  First time I have ever seen this bonnet bus.  Superior plastic.  Coin slot in roof.  molded without coin trap.  most got destroyed by kids when they broke the banks to get their coins out!    Late 1950's to early 1960's vintage.  no cracks.  no chips.  no flaws.  65.00

EXPO 86 DOUBLE DECKER BUS.  red with yellow interior.  hard plastic friction drive.  Made in Hong Kong by NIFC.  7" long.  paper labels for the Vancouver BC Canada World's Fair.  no flaws.  mint.  25.00

RUSSIAN BUS DIORAMA tin litho windup toy.  approx. 9.75" by 5".  there are 6 tiny buses that drive around and go through the tunnels.  Buses are lithographed on the scenic sides also.  includes windup key.   Late 1980's vintage.  Mint in very good box.  32.50

NYPD BUS.  Made in Germany by Busch.  HO scale.  blue and white.  super detailed including windshield wipers.  hairline crack in front windshield.  very minimal wear.  excellent plus to near mint.  12.50

Con-Cor Herpa 0004-001037.  BLUEBIRD SCHOOL BUS on International Chassis "Unified School District #2".  HO scale.  mint in window box.  sorry sold

Herpa 846004 MAN Bus SU 240 "Radio Charivari".  HO 1:87.  blue and white.  Made in Germany.  hard plastic.  all the small parts are mint and factory sealed in poly bag.  Mint in window box.  18.50

badge.  Bus OPERATOR badge TRANSIT AUTHORITY OF RIVER CITY full size OBSOLETE.  badge #175.  undated but 1960's I believe.  black lettering on chrome finish.
full size hat or jacket badge.  has white enamel inlaid figural BUS in center.  no maker marker.  hinged locking clasp pin on reverse.  approx. 1.75" by 2.5"  locking clasp pin on reverse.  there is some wear to the black lettering - see photos.  we have not attempted to clean or polish it.  99.50

bank.  MK&O LINES BUS promotional plastic bank.  Made in Hong Kong by Jimson.  #200.  coin slot in roof with coin trap in base.  Free rolling wheels.  10" long.  circa 1970's.  excellent plus with box.  45.00

bank.  OKLAHOMA TRANSPORTATION COMPANY BUS promotional plastic bank.  Made in Hong Kong by Jimson.  #340.  coin slot in roof with coin trap in base.  Free rolling wheels.  10" long.  circa 1970's.  near mint with box.  45.00

bank.  ON TO OKLAHOMA BUS promotional plastic bank.  Made in Hong Kong by Jimson.  #340.  coin slot in roof with coin trap in base.  Free rolling wheels.  10" long.  circa 1970's.  missing the yellow paper label above the windows on the right side.  excellent plus with box.  45.00

bank.  NCAA GREYHOUND AMERICRUISER BUS promotional plastic bank.  Made in China.  #200.  Has the NCAA logo sticker on roof.  coin slot in roof with coin trap in base.  Free rolling wheels.  10" long.  circa 1980's.  near mint to mint with box.  sorry sold

ink blotter.  NORTHERN SHORT ROUTE - Washington Motor Coach and Greyhound Lines.  Seattle to Chicago.  diecut bus with map of route.  undated but I believe this is late 1930's vintage.  6.75" by 3.75".  unused.  near mint.  24.00

VHS video cassette.  THE STORY OF THE RT.  London's Classic Bus.  W.H. Smith Exclusive Video.  b&w and color.  approx. running time is 60 minutes.  "Introduced in early 1939.  the RT was the culmination of a design process begun as early as 1910.  This was to be the standard bus for London.  mass-produced in numbers never equaled before or since.  it was a triumph of engineering and styling.  After the war it replaced the antiquated fleet of pre-war and wartime utility vehicles.  from 1950 to 1952 it was used to sweep away the fleet of London Trams.  Later - with the help of the Routemaster - it replaced the trolley buses.  The RT served London for 40 years; and the RTS are still running today - and are shown still working around the world.  Featuring the country's top experts and authors; and illustrated with unique archive footage; this video tells the fascinating story of the RT - London's Classic Bus."  Made in collaboration with London's Transport Museum.  released in 1995 by Castle Communications.  out of production.  used but near mint to mint with case.  26.50

pocket calendar.  1951  CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS.  "Always Going Your Way"  photo of bus on front.  browns and white.  wallet sized.  acetate or celluloid type material.  mint.  scarce!  24.00

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