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book.  ALL ABOUT CIGARETTE CARDS by Alfred J. Cruse.  A "Do You Know Book" published by Perry Colour Books Ltd. London.  Undated but circa 1945.  hard bounds.  22 pages.  full color illustrations of cigarette cards.  tight and clean.  minor wear to book edges.  excellent plus to near mint.  32.50

HEISELS CAMPAIGN GUM.  1888.  approx. 3" by 1.75".  Full color lithographed portrait of Presidential or Vice Presidential candidate with white stars on blue borders, patriotic motif.  very attractive and possibly the FIRST American issue of a non-sport GUM issue trading card.  Thinner stock, plain reverse.  4 cards in the set.
LEVI MORTON.  colors are strong.  very minor "wrinkle" toward the upper left.  tiny tear on top right border.  minor scrap book residue on reverse.   displays very nicely.  very good.   100.00
ALLEN S. THURMAN.  sharp corners.  minor soiling on the tip of the upper right corner. minor age stains on reverse.  it is a bit off-center at the bottom edge.  no creases.  excellent plus or nicer.  150.00
ALLEN S. THURMAN.  minor rounding of corners.  tiny crease in upper left corner.  faint "wrinkle" in lower left.  minor age stains on reverse.   displays very nicely.  very good plus or nicer.  125.00

D52.  MICKEY MOUSE RECIPE SCRAP BOOK album for "The Adventures of Mickey Mouse" premium cards.  early 1930's.  has 10 full color cards attached inside.  the album and cards were issued by Bamby Bread.  album has had some cards removed and there is some minor coloring on some pages.  still a very nice piece.  album with 10 of the cards for:  189.50

F277.  Heinz Rice Flakes FAMOUS AIR PILOTS Trading Card Album w/letter & 2 MINT cards.  mid to late 1930's issue.   mint.  150.00

F-277.  Heinz Rice Flakes MODERN AVIATION Trading Card Album w/letter & 2 MINT cards.  mid to late 1930's issue.  mint.  150.00

1942 COCA COLA - OUR AMERICA - ELECTRICITY A MODERN POWER Card Album and card set.  8" by 11".  32 pages.  Premium album; to mount the 20 different ELECTRICITY Cards.  This is the ALBUM AND a complete uncut sheet of all 20 cards.  Each of the 20 cards measures approx. 3" by 4" - and are a thin stock; full color. The album tells you which card to mount where; and gives an explanation of each.   The Coca-Cola logo is at the bottom of the back cover; and also on back of each card bottom.  Unused. The album is mint.  The uncut sheet is folded; as issued; with minor wear to 2 corners - still grades near mint to mint.  The whole set of 20 with the album:  45.00

album.  Topps 1948 HOCUS FOCUS Photo Album.  cover reads: contains space for 126 Hocus Focus Magic Photos.  inside back cover has check list of the card set.  light soiling.  tiny hole near right edge.  used but not abused.  very good plus or nicer.  very scarce.  165.00

older TOPPS GUM CO. advertising matchbook.  early 1950’s vintage, Standard matchbook size.  Colorful matchbook advertising TOPPS CHEWING GUM. This is the same TOPPS that is famous for making all the Baseball, Sport and non-sport Trading Cards. Pictures Penny Gum pieces. Attractive, striker is intact.  Excellent.   15.00

ED-U-CARDS.  "Bird Series".  LARGE 3-Dimensional Pictures.  1950's vintage.  each card measures close to 4" by 5.5".  includes the original box; but is missing the 3-D glasses.  package says 15 cards; but there are only 14.  includes: Song Sparrow; Least Bittern; Baltimore Oriole; Red Bellied Woodpecker; Peacock; Herring Gulls; Veery; Ostrich; :Long Eared Owl;  Blue Jay; Turkeys; Robin; Wild Ducks and geese; Flamingos.  reverses are plain.  4 of the cards have a number written in crayon on the backside.  The Flamingo card is creased.  overall in near mint condition.  box is very good.  scarce; oddball item.  35.00

ROY ROGERS Tracard.  approx. 2.75 by 3.5.  full color photo trading cards issued by the American Tract Society.    1950's issue.  reverse has message from either Roy or Dale.  glossy finish.  all are in excellent to near mint condition or nicer!
#3.  DALE adjusting ROY's neckerchief.  near mint.  12.00

B2 very large Flag Flannels.   approx.12" by 18".    tobacco premiums circa 1910 to 1916 vintage.  edges are not frayed.  colors are bright and vivid.  no flaws.  clean!  very nice condition.  near mint
GREAT BRITAIN green background.  20.00
GREAT BRITAIN brown background.  20.00
ITALY yellow background.  20.00

B6 large Flag Flannels.  tobacco premiums circa 1910 to 1916 vintage.  Large approx.10.25" by 8.5".  edges are not frayed.  colors are bright and vivid.  no flaws.  clean!  very nice condition.  near mint
AMERICAN Flag (48 stars).  light purple background color.  12.50
AMERICAN Flag (48 stars).  yellowish background color.  12.50
CUBA.  yellowish background color.  12.50
GREAT BRITAIN.  purple background color.  12.50
GREAT BRITAIN.  yellowish background color.  12.00

B9 large Flag Flannels.  large flag in center surrounded by other flags.  tobacco premiums circa 1910 to 1916 vintage.  Large approx.10.25" by 8.5".  edges are not frayed.  colors are bright and vivid.  no flaws.  clean!  very nice condition.  near mint
AMERICA.  with flags of Argentina; Columbia; Guatemala; Honduras; Nicaragua.  12.50
AMERICA.  with flags of  Costa Rica; Peru; Cuba; San Domingo; Hayti (Haiti).  12.50
AMERICA.  with flags of Panama; Venezuela; Paraguay; San Salvador; Uruguay.  12.50
ENGLAND with flags of Canada; Malta; Australia; New Zealand; Queensland.  12.50
GERMANY with flags of Prussia; Bavaria; Baden; Hamburg; Bremen.  12.50
FRANCE with flags of Tunis; Cochin China; Morocco; Algiers; Madagascar.  12.50

Monogram Model TOM DANIEL cars
issued inside boxes of model kits 1970.  full color photo with Tom Daniel's photo on reverse and write up of the car on reverse.  there are 23 cards in the set.  many are found with staple holes in them or tape - as they may have been attached to the instruction sheets at the factory that way.  to be considered mint or near mint - they must not have tape or staples.  Mint ones are hard to come by!
BADMAN 1955 Chevy Funny Car
.  very faint wrinkle in lower left otherwise near mint.  20.00


DER WELT KRIEG.  German issue.  circa 1920.  views of the war from the German perspective.  71 pages, 270 full color photo cards.  complete - mounted in album.  the text is in German.  maps, tanks, soldiers, officers, guns, uniforms, etc.  A fantastic history of Germany during World War I.  tight and clean.  One of the nicest examples I have seen.  excellent plus to near mint!  129.50

Walt Disney's’ SNOW WHITE GUARDS OF THE MAGIC FOREST premium cards with map and mailer.  Circa 1938 issued by Bread company.   illustrated mailing envelope has small tear hole in lower left and there are stains on back side of the envelope.  contents near mint to mint.  unused.  600.00

RIN TIN TIN set of 24 color stereo cards and the original viewer with instruction sheet.  Very scarce mail-in premium from Nabisco Cereal. 1954.  This is the complete set.  near mint to mint!  189.00

1955 ROY ROGERS in AMARILLO photo cards from Roy Rogers Bubble Gum.  Made in England.  complete set of 24.  b&w glossy photos.  plain reverse.  each card is approx. 2.5" by 1.5".   near mint or nicer.  50.00

ROBIN HOOD.  1957 Topps.  color photos.  set of 60.  card #1 vg - the rest are excellent plus.  350.00

1959 FABIAN.  Topps.  color photos of the Rock and Roll singer.  complete set of 55 cards.  very high grade. mint set!  129.50

1959 FUNNY VALENTINES.  Topps.  Complete set of 66 cards.  full color comic artwork by Jack Davis.  as is typical with this set - some cards are slightly off center.    mint set!  125.00

SHIPS Recognition Cards.  1960's Government issue.  b&w photo of the Naval Ship on the front - reverse has profiles view and information.  includes U.S. Canada.  France.  British. U.S.S.R. etc.   Made by Aarco playing card company.  standard size.  coated stock.  original box is not included but here is photo.  box stated set of 54 - but we only have 53.  cards are in mint condition.  29.50

1960 FUNNY VALENTINES.  Topps.  Complete set of 66 cards "A" series.  full color comic artwork by Jack Davis. high grade. mint set!  125.00

1962 ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN CHAPEL "Trip to the Moon" premium issue from Mister Softee Ice Cream.  complete 10 Card Set.  full color artwork on slick stock.  reverse side has continuing story and advertising.  approx. 2.5" by 3.5".  classic Sci-Fi set:  "This is the story of Captain Chapel and his space adventures as captain of the SV1 the first United States Space Vessel designed to visit other planets."  scarce set in MINT condition.  89.50

(R710-7) 1962 CASEY & KILDARE (BEN CASEY & DR. KILDARE) by Topps. full set of 110 b&w photo cards. a few of the Dr. Kildare card are the variety that is printed on a "dull" stock. the backs a fairly plain. from the TV Show.  great photos!   the checklist card is clean and unused. overall the set is near mint to mint. nice!!!  225.00

1964 THE ADDAMS FAMILY.  66 card set by Donruss.  black and white photos from the TV Series.  Puzzle backs.  very clean.  Card #1 has a wrinkle crease in upper left quadrant.  overall the set is high grade.  Near mint.  495.00

1964 VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA.  66 card set by Donruss.  b&w photo set from Irwin Allen's classic TV Series.   a few cards have red overprint on backside "Printed in USA".  otherwise mint set!   195.00

1965 DISNEYLAND.  complete 66 card set by Donruss.  celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the theme park.  full color photos with puzzle backs.  very high grade.  mint set!  199.50

1965 FREDDIE AND THE DREAMERS.  complete 66 card set by Donruss.  black and white photos of the Rock and Roll group.  very high grade.  mint set!  99.50

1965 GOMER PYLE U.S.M.C.  Fleer. b&w photos from the TV Series starring Jim Nabors.  complete set of 66 cards.  mint.    80.00

1965 McHALE'S NAVY.  66 card set by Fleer.  b&w photos from the TV Series.  very high grade.  mint set!  95.00

DARK SHADOWS.  giant 5" by 7" color postcard set of 12.  issued with gum in the late 60's. All 12 are pix of QUENTIN.  played by actor DAVID SELBY. Mint condition. The set of 12.   125.00

1966 TARZAN.  Philadelphia Gum Co..  color artwork.  complete set of 66 cards.  mint   175.00

1967 MONKEES color set #A with black border.  Topps.  complete set of 44 cards.  cards have puzzle back.  Card #42 has wrinkle.  otherwise set is excellent to near mint.  85.00

1967 MONKEES Color Set #B with yellow border.  Topps.  complete set of 44 cards.  (#14; #21; #44 have minor flaws).  overall near mint.  84.00

1967 MONKEES color set #C with White border.  Topps.  Complete set of 44 cards.  some have minor corner bumps; some have rough edge cuts.  #10 and #12 have wrinkles; #23 creases; #34 and #35 have stains on reverse.  sounds much worse than they look.  overall excellent or nicer.  69.50

1967 SOUPY SALES set by Topps.  Complete set of 66 cards.  each b&w photo card is approx. 2.5" by 3.5".  each has facsimile autograph.  Reverse has blackboard image with "Soupy Sez".  set is solid near mint to mint.  225.00

CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE.  1960's O-Pee-Chee. set of 55.  MINT. 75.00

near complete set ODDER ODD RODS. 1970 Donruss.  61 of the set of 66.  reverse side.   NM/MT.   225.00

1970 FLAGS OF THE WORLD.  O-Pee-Chee, Topps of Canada.  complete 77 card set of punchout stickers.  flags were drawn by famous Topps artist Norman Saunders.  includes the subset of 5 different "Dictionary Cards".   overall  the set is very high grade.  mint.  100.00

1971 PARTRIDGE FAMILY yellow border.  First Series.  complete set of 55 color photo cards from the TV show.  Topps.  quality  mint set!   85.00

1971 PARTRIDGE FAMILY blue  border. Second Series.  complete set of 55 color photo cards from the TV show.  Topps.  quality  mint set!   75.00

1975 PLANET OF THE APES TV Series.  Topps.  complete set of 66.  these are the ones with the puzzle back.   a few cards a bit lesser but not bad.  excellent plus to near mint.  70.00

1976 HAPPY DAYS red border.  Topps.  color photos from the TV series.  puzzle backs and text.  complete 44 card set plus the 11 stickers.  mint.  scarce!  79.50

1976 KING KONG.  Topps.  complete set of 55 cards plus 11 stickers (1 sticker has printer roller marks).  nm+/mint   35.00

1977 CB TALK.  Fleer.  58 of the set of 60 (missing #14 and #15)   mint   20.00

1977 STAR WARS 1st Series (blue).  Topps.  complete set of 66 cards.  excellent to near mint.  95.00

1977 STAR WARS 2nd Series (red).  Topps.  complete set of 66 cards.  near mint mint.  75.00

1977 STAR WARS 4th Series (green).  Topps.  complete set of 66 cards.  near mint plus to mint.  39.50

1978 BIONIC WOMAN.  Donruss.  color photos from TV Series starring Lindsay Wagner.  complete 44 card set.  mint  40.00

1979 Walt Disney's THE BLACK HOLE from Topps.  Full color photos from this sci-fi movie.  Complete set of all 88 cards plus 20 of the 22 stickers (missing stickers #13 and #22).  near mint to mint.  22.00

1979 ALIEN.  Topps.  color photos from the movie.  Complete set of 84 color photo illustrated cards.  near mint to mint.  24.00

1979 James Bond 007 MOONRAKER from Topps.  color photos from the movie starring Roger Moore.  97 of the 99 cards.  Missing #56 and #94.  near mint to mint.  15.00

1979 ROCK STARS from Donruss.  complete set of 66 cards.  features KISS (14 cards); QUEEN (20 cards); VILLAGE PEOPLE (20 cards) and THE BABY'S (12 cards).  card #44 has corner wear.  set is near mint plus.  72.50

1987 DUNE.  Fleer.  color photos from the Sci-Fi movie.  complete set of 132 cards and 44 stickers.  mint   75.00

MAXX RACE CARDS 1991 COMPLETE SET plus SPECIAL THE WINSTON CARDS in Presentation Box.   Besides the presentation box and the original factory shipping carton.  you get: COMPLETE 240 CARD SET MAXX RACE CARDS;  ONE PACK 20 SPECIAL "THE WINSTON CARDS".  mint condition.  ©1991 J.R. MAXX  INC.  9.50

EARLY JAZZ GREATS by R. Crumb.  copyright 1992 Yazoo Records.  Eclipse Enterprises (this is the early issue, and NOT the Kitchen Sink 1996 re-issue).  each card is full color portrait drawn by the famous underground cartoonist R. Crumb.  each card has biographical sketch on back.  complete set of 36 greats.  including: Bix Beiderbecke, Coleman Hawkins, Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, Lil Hardin, Johnny Dodds, Benny Goodman, et al.  mint in mint box.  29.50

NASCAR.  Pennzoil MICHAEL WALTRIP Team Set.  25 Super High-Gloss coated cards.  Complete Bahari racing team set.  1992 Traks.  Box is shaped to resemble the race car.  Mint in factory sealed box.  never opened.  7.50

NASCAR.  Texaco-Havoline DAVEY ALLISON Team Set.  25 Super High-Gloss coated cards.  Complete Robert Yates racing team set.  1992 Traks.  Box is shaped to resemble the race car.  Mint in factory sealed box.  never opened.  7.50

DRAGON BALL GT.  CX PP CARD SET.  1996.  from Japan.  Japanese Anime Series.  come mint & sealed on display card.  package includes album; hard case; 4 stacks of cards. Image are full color on reflective backing.  Great artwork!   to the very best of my knowledge - this represents the complete set.  never opened.  mint on factory sealed card.  24.00


we have many 19th Century "N" Cards on this page - click here

EXHIBIT CARDS aka Arcade Cards or Mutoscope Cards

exhibit cards have been moved to their own page.  click here.


Pre 1920

E231.  1896  Adams YELLOW KID Chewing Gum.  The Yellow Kid was a character from the comic strip Hogan's Alley which ran from 1895-1898 in the New York World and the New York Journal.  The Yellow Kid was the strip's lead character and was the reason behind the term "Yellow Journalism."  originated by R.F. Outcault the creator of Buster Brown.
they came with large numbers and a "game advertising" reverse.
or small numbers with plain reverse.
cards measure approx. 2.75" by 4.5".

large 5.  Say Billy Astor - Dis Beets America Dont it?  game back.  mint.  25.00

large 6.  A Call on Phil May.  game back.  mint.  25.00

large 7.  Say Dats One of Dem Gutter Snips of Phil Mays.  game back.  mint.  25.00

small 12.  A Ride With the Dutchess.  plain reverse.  scrap book residue on reverse. soiling in lower right.  vg/exc.  15.00


C110.  TUCKETTS AVIATION SERIES - 1929.  Tuckett Tobacco Company.  Ontario Canada.  scarce regional color airplane series.  we have a nice selection of these hard to find cards.  click here for photos and prices.

  BEST PHOTOPLAYS AND STARS AT MAJESTIC THEATRE.  unknown issue.  mid 1920's or earlier.   black and white photo print.  reverse: ad for F.F. Hinze Bicycle Tires - Sheboygan Wis.  approx. 3.5" by 2.25".  all excellent.  no creases, no tears, no stains.  minor age wear.  first examples I have ever seen.  $24.00 each

Jewel Carmen      *     Marguerite Clayton      *     Miriam Cooper       *     Elinore Fair  

Kitty Gordon      *     Corinne Griffith     *     Mollie King

Mae Murray      *     Mabel Normad      *     Olga Petrova       *     Constance Talmadge


unknown.  Movie Star Card.  color portrait JOHN MILLS in J. Arthur Rank's Org. "THE GENTLE GUNMAN.  has the #15 in star logo in upper right.  reverse is plain.  approx. 3" tall by 1 7/8" wide.  does not appear to be a strip card or package design.  First I have seen from this series.  No creases.  we have available:  near mint with soft corners for $10 or a mint one with sharp corners for $15


R24 "BIG THRILL CHEWING GUM" Goudey Booklets.  1934 issue.  each is approx.  2 3/8" by 2 7/8".  Eight page booklets with great cover art.   story text is accompanied by both black and white and color illustrations.

#1 BUCK JONES "A Timely Arrival".  complete.  excellent plus.  45.00

#2 TAILSPIN TOMMY "The Jump Into Mystery".  complete.  excellent plus.  59.50

#3 TAILSPIN TOMMY "Trailing the Bank Bandits".  off center.  complete.  otherwise excellent plus.  49.50


R73 Indian Gum card .  Produced by Goudey Inc. in the 1930's and featuring Indians and famous American Western personalities. The set contains 216 different numbered cards, but due to the different series variations, the TRUE set can run over 425 different. Each is approx. 2 3/8" x 2 7/8" with full color drawings on the front. The backs are printed in green ink and give a brief biography about the picture on the front. The cards offered do show wear. Soft corners, minor soiling, light corner dings and creases with some corner "rounding". Please view the photos below.

#1.  CHIEF OF THE SIENNE TRIBE.  Series of 48.  poor.  2.00

#23.  CHIEF OF THE MANDAN TRIBE.  series of 96.  very good but has light vertical crease down center and light crease  in lower right.  8.00

#29.  OSCEOLA.  series of 96.  very good plus.  12.50

#30.  KING PHILLIP.  series of 96.  crease in upper right.  very good.  9.00

#31.  POWHATAN.  series of 96.  very good plus.  12.50

#34.  THE PROPHET.  series of 96.  very good plus.  12.50

#40.  DUTCHY.  series of 96.  faint surface wrinkles.  very good.  9.00

#44.  BILLY BOWLEGS.  series of 96.  very good to very good plus.  11.00

#46.  SPOTTED TAIL.  series of 96.  very good plus.  small scuff in lower right.  11.00

#51.  CALIFORNIA JOE.  series of 96.  very good plus.  12.50

#63.  SIMON KENTON.  series of 96.  small horizontal chip along top border otherwise nice.  7.50

#65.  MRS. MERRILL.  series of 96.  very good plus.  12.50

#71.  GENERAL STURGIS.  series of  96.  faint stain on reverse.  very good.  11.00


R76.  IN HISTORY'S SPOTLIGHT.  1930's.  Sperry Candy Co. Milwaukee Wisconsin.

#2.  DESOTO DISCOVERS THE MISSISSIPPI.  sharp corners.  edge blemish on far left and lower right.  excellent or nicer.  15.00

#3.  LANDING OF THE PILGRIMS.  sharp corners.  clean.  light wrinkle crease thru vertical center.  10.00

#5.  POCAHONTAS AND CAPTAIN JOHN SMITH.  sharp corners.  near mint.  15.00

#7.  BOSTON MASSACRE.  sharp corners.  near mint.  15.00

#11.  BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL.  sharp corners.  near mint.  15.00

#22.  DANIEL BOONE.  sharp corners.  near mint.  21.00


R89.  1935 Walt Disney MICKEY MOUSE Gum cards.  Great, full color cartoon artwork!

#34  PLUTO SMELLS A TRAP.  sharp.  bright and clean.  near mint.  60.00

#36  WHOOO -YOU!  sharp corners.  very minor surface scuffs on rear.  excellent plus.  50.00

#37  SODA PUP?  two corners a bit weak.  colors are bright.  excellent plus.  50.00

#52  Playing Kitten on the Key's.  creases.  minor stain on reverse.  very good.  25.00

#68  He's sure the cat's Me-Ouse! crease along left edge.  very good plus.  30.00


SKY BIRDS, blank back.  1930's aviation cards

#8 - French HANRIOT 220 very good  7.00




SKYBIRDS Aviation Cards.  1934, National Chicle Co.   Full color, biographical sketch on reverse.

#1 - DAVID PUTNAM.  good plus.  creases.  6.00

#18 - QUENTIN ROOSEVELT.  creases.  very good.  7.00

#19 - CAPT. De BEAUCHAMP. good to very good.  faint creases.  6.00

#19 - CAPT. De BEAUCHAMP. good plus to very good.  faint creases.  6.50

WILD WEST SERIES by Gum Inc.  1930's.
#44 "Time for Chuck".  very good.  10.00

FRANK BUCK, 1938 Gumakers of America, good to vg,  each  8.00
15, 16


FIRST COLUMN DEFENDERS, 1940, Goudey. Extremely scarce set!
available:   #16 corn cr vg $12
 Goudey, good (fillers),  each    6.00: #4, #9

R59 AMERICAN BEAUTIES, 1940's Gum Inc.  color pinup art.   mint - never circulated.  straight from counter display box.   rare in this condition.  $100.00 each








U.S. NAVAL SHIPS.  Early 1940's vintage, American issue non-sport Trading Card. approx. 3.75" by 2.25". full color illustration, thin white border with name at bottom. Reverse has short bio of the boat and says: Official U.S. Navy Photograph, 60 SHIPS to this Series. C.S.C. Ill.  all are very good to excellent, or nicer - unless stated otherwise.
sample of card front        *        sample of card reverse

#2 Destroyer USS WOOLSEY.  stain on back.  $5     *     #4 Destroyer USS DOWNES.  $6.50

#6 Lt. Cruiser USS ATLANTA vg. $5     *     #7 Destroyer USS KEARNEY. $7.50

#10 Motor Torpedo Boat USS PT-17.  minor discoloration on backside   $7.50

#11 Submarine USS SPEARFISH  $7.50     *     #14 Destroyer USS CASE $7.50

#15 Destroyer USS SHAW  $7.50     *     #17 Destroyer USS ANDERSON  $7.50

#19 Destroyer USS BANCROFT   $6     *     #20 Heavy Cruiser USS TUSCALOOSA $7.50

#25 Minesweeper USS HOVEY. ding in lower rt. corn. $7

#29 Destroyer USS LUDLOW.  reverse soiled.  $7     *     #30 Heavy Cruiser USS SALT LAKE CITY. dirt spot.  $6

#32 USS PATROL CRAFT.  $7.50     *     #33 Ammo Ship USS NITRO  $7.50

#34 Battleship USS NORTH CAROLINA.  $7.50     *     #40 Destroyer USS BLUE.  $7.50

#43 Storeship USS BRIDGE.  crease in upper right.  $6     *     #48 Destroyer USS HAMBLETON.  $7.50

#49 Battleship USS ARIZONA. $7.50     *     #52 Aircraft Carrier USS CREW.  horizontal crease in center. $5

#53 Submarine USS R-19   $7.50     *     #54 Tanker USS SAGA.  $7.50

#55 Battleship USS ARKANSAS.  $7.50     *     #56 Submarine USS NAUTILUS. $7.50

#59 Aircraft Carrier USS RANGER.  $7.50

15% discount if 5 or more cards from this set are purchased at one time.


WINGS CIGARETTES.  Series C #22.  ATTACK BOMBER.  very good or nicer.  3.00 



1950 Topps HOPALONG CASSIDY cowboy cards.  full color touched up b&w photos from the movies starring William Boyd.  these were smaller size, approx. 2.25" by 2'.

24  PAY DAY excellent  $8     *     28  READY GUNS excellent  $8

47  WHAT'S NEXT $8     *     50  SUSPICIOUS CHARACTER excellent  $8

192 DANGEROUS TEA  light wrinkle crease  $5     *     211 PLOT FOR MURDER  light wrinkle crease $5

212 SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT faint corner wrinkles  $5     *     218 FALSE ACCUSATIONS light surface wrinkles  $5

223 A TREACHEROUS SHOT light surface wrinkle  $5     *     229 CAUGHT excellent  $8


1952 Topps Gum WHEELS OF THE WORLD.  Full color, full size automobile trading cards.  beautiful artwork on front with write-up on reverse.   these are all high grade. defects mentioned.  

#1  DIAMOND T Concrete Mixer.  very tiny ding in the lower right corner tip.  excellent plus to near mint.  the first card in any set is much harder to find in high grade condition because it was the first one in the stack, and was exposed.  thus, a premium price.   25.00

39  BMW British Racing Car exc+/near mint.  8.00

43  TWIN TANKER American Hot Rod ex+/nm  8.00

55  U.S. ARMY 2.5 TON TRUCK ex+/nm   8.00

66  JAGUAR XK Super Sports Car ex+/nm  8.00

67  DELAHAYE French Sport Car ex+/nm  8.00

75  WILLYS 1953 Aero-Falcon ex+/nm  10.00

78  HUDSON 1953 Wasp 4 Dr Sedan wrinkle crease.  vg/ex  7.00

84  LINCOLN 1953 Capri ex+/nm.  10.00

86  CHRYSLER "Special" Experimental ex+/nm.   10.00

92  MERCURY 1953 Custom ex+/nm.  10.00

93  STUDEBAKER 1953 Champion diag. crease lower right.  vg   6.50

94  FORD 1953 Country Squire ex+/nm.  10.00

97  PACKARD 1953 Patrician 4 dr. Sedan ex+/nm.  10.00

100  PONTIAC La Parisienne Experimental ex+/nm.  10.00


Topps FIGHTING MARINES.  early 1950's, smaller size format.  full color.

 #20  vg/ex  $3     *     #51 vg creased $2     *     #81 crease. gd.  $2     *     #86 crease.  vg. $2


Topps FREEDOM'S WAR.  Korean War.  full color.  early 1950's. smaller size format.  

#155 excellent.  minor edge tear on reverse upper left.  3.50     *     #164.  excellent.  5.00


1952 Topps Gum WINGS.  Full color, full size aviation trading cards.  beautiful artwork on front with stats and airplane silhouettes on reverse.   with the familiar Friend or Foe reverse.  200 cards in the complete set.  these are all high grade. defects mentioned.   sold out


R714-16.  1953 Topps LOOK 'N SEE.  Historic figure on front with biographical info on rear.  Had another picture visible on back side when viewed thru special "viewer".

#52 Balboa.  light crease.  very good.  4.00

#76 Louis Pasteur.  minor back damage. vg.  4.00

#78 Thomas Paine. vg+.  5.00

#102 Anne of Cleves.  vg+.  6.00

#116  Robert Louis Stevenson.  displays very nicely but reverse side is completely faded off.  2.00

#123 Sir Henry Morgan. off center.  ex/nm.  10.00


COMIC STRIP CARD #38.  full color.  MA & PA CINDERS from Ella Cinders.  1951.  no flaws.  near mint, soft corner tips.  plain reverse.  approx. 2.5" tall by 1.75" wide.  10.00

RACE AGAINST TIME.  early 1950's issue from Canada.  Card #19 titled SEVEN MILES A MINUTE.  World land speed record holder from England J. COBB and his Railton Mobil Special.  excellent.  15.00

TARZAN and THE SHE DEVIL, Topps 3-D Gumcards, 1953. There are 60 cards in a complete set. Following are ex/nm.  Each is 6.00.
available: 5; 17,  33 (crease $3), 40,  42,  45, 47, 50, 52 (creases - $3), 60.

TARZAN Cardboard 3-D Viewing Glasses for 1953 Topps. Mint, TARZAN is printed on it. RARELY seen!   45.00

RAILS AND SAILSTopps 1955 Issue (R714-17): we have a nice selection.  click here for photos, prices and availability

Topps 1956 JETS b&w photo cards.  ALBUM and 82 different cards.  album is very good.  one card is poor and the rest are excellent plus or nicer.  the lot for:  175.00

1956 DAVY CROCKETT.  orange back.  Topps. singles.  the following are all very good plus to excellent or better.  each card is $2.  we have in stock:  #7.

1957 HIT STARS by Topps.  singles.
18.  TEENAGERS.  creased.  corner wear.  good.  3.00
20.  IVORY JOE HUNTER.  excellent to near mint.  10.00
22.  THE DIAMONDS.  light horizontal crease near bottom.  4.00
50.  FATS DOMINO.  near mint plus.  40.00
55.  ANDY WILLIAMS.  off center.  very good to excellent.  7.00
76.  WARREN BERLINGER.  excellent to near mint.  10.00

1958 Topps TV WESTERNS
#53.  THE RESTLESS GUN "On The Way".  color photo of John Payne on horseback.  excellent.  5.00
#70.  THE CALIFORNIANS "Fight For Justice".  color photo of Dick Coogan.  off center otherwise excellent.  5.00

1959 Fleer THREE STOOGES.  full color.
#95  has very minor "wrinkle" in lower left.  vg+.  4.50
the following are very good plus to excellent plus.  strong color.  no creases; no flaws outside of normal corner wear:  15; 30; 33;   EACH:  7.50

1960 SPINS AND NEEDLES.  Fleer.  full color.
22.  ROD LAUREN.  near mint plus.  10.00
72.  THE SKYLINERS.  near mint plus.  10.00
73.  QUINTONES.  near mint plus.  10.00

1960’s STAR TREK b&w by Leaf. RARE ISSUE!
available:  #12 ex+ $30;   #17 vg/ex $18;    #25 vg/ex cr $10

1960’s GET SMART TV Series gumcards.
A)  ex+/nm #’s available: 2; 4; 8; 9; 11; 13; 14; 19; 20; 27; 30; 31; 32; 33; 34; 35; 36; 38; 39 40; 41; 43; 44; 45; 46; 47; 49; 50; 51; 52; 53; 54; 55; 56; 57; 58; 62; 63; 64; 65.   EACH    $6.00
B) following are all very good or better; w/minor edge tear on perforated side. #’s available: 1; 7; 15; 22; 23; 28; 61  EACH  $3.50
C) following are very good - no tears.  each @ $4
#4 Super Snooper
#27 Smart & Secret Weapon

1960's THE BEATLES Gum Cards by Topps. 
All 3 b&w photo series, HELP, BEATLES DIARY, & Color are available. We have singles available from all sets, all #’s. Conditions from good, vg, exc, nm/mt. Prices range from 50 cents to $3 for singles, with quantity discounts. Please send want lists w/conditions needed!

1963 Topps MONSTER FLIP BOOKS.  multiple pages of b&w scenes from the film.  when "flipped" or fanned quickly they create motion film.  approx. 2.5" by 2.5".  no flaws.  near mint.


Frederick Opper's MAUD THE MULE from the comic strip famous comic strip “And Her Name Was Maud!” circa 1910 vintage.  complete set of 36 cards.  full color artwork illustrating the different strip characters.  each measures approx. 1.5" by 2.5".  reverse of each card has blue illustration of MAUD captioned HEE HAW!  4 series of 9 cards each: M; A; U; D.  borders have blue dotted lines.  overall the cards are very good.  colors are strong.  VERY scarce if not rare!  450.00

CHARLIE CHAPLIN Strip Cards.  1920's.  color artwork.  approx. 1.5" by 2.5".  plain reverse.  Numbered.  10 cards in set.
Complete set of 10 cards.  #3 has faint vertical crease; #8 creased and off center.  some have corner wear.  overall a very good to excellent set.  79.50
individual cards:
#1 How Do You Do.  9.50
#2.  New Hat Rack. corner crease.  7.00
#3.  Murder - Police.  9.50
#4.  Run For Your Life.  9.50
#6.  Getting the Book.  9.50
#6.  Getting the Book.  creases.  5.00
#9.  Fare Please.  vertical wrinkle crease.  7.00

RED RYDER Trading Cards.  Wells-Lamont.  premium issue with Red Ryder gloves.  1952.  licensed and copyrighted.  full color cover artwork.  approx. 2.8" by 2.2".  strip cards.  there are 6 different in the complete set.  scarce!
RED RYDER w/rifle on horseback with golden yellow background.  light wrinkles across top.  very good.  25.00
RED RYDER on horseback.  white background. no crease.  very light soiling.  very good plus.  35.00
RED RYDER & LITTLE BEAVER.  blue background.  light wrinkle crease (vertical) on right edge.  ink stain in upper right corner border.  not bad.  very good.  25.00

AMERICA AT WAR; 1930's strip cards by W.S. (48 in the set).  very good; each  5.00
507; 510; 527; 529; 534 (crease); 538 (crease)

THE SECOND WORLD WAR; 1939 strip cards by W.S. (48 in the set).  the following are available at $5 each in very good condition: 129 $4 (1/2" edge tear); 132; 145; 150; 154;

ARMY; NAVY AND AIR CORPS; 1930's Strip Cards; W.S.; very good.   each    5.00
633; 640

GENERALS AND THEIR FLAGS; 1939 Strip Cards; W.S.; very good; each    7.50
 432; 434; 436; 437 (crease $5); 438;  445; 446; 447 (crease)

HEROES OF THE SEA; 1939 Strip cards; W.S. very good; each    5.00
454; 460; 461; 462; 467; 468; 469; 470; 472

HEROES OF THE SEA; 1939 Strip cards; W.S.  excellent; each    7.50
460; 461; 463; 464; 467; 470

1930's R129 AMERICAN HISTORY Series of 48
204.  BRONCO BUSTING.  no flaws.  excellent plus to near mint.  10.00


click here for HOWDY DOODY cards

click here for STAR WARS cereal boxes for the cards and stickers

Arm & Hammer Sixth Series USEFUL BIRDS OF AMERICA. copyright 1915.  full color art by M.E. Eaton. with descriptive information on reverse.  12 different.  includes numbers: 1 corner crease; 2; 5; 7; 8; 9; 10 crease; 11 small stain in upper left; 12; 13; 14; 15.  except for the mentioned flaws they are very good plus to excellent.  the lot of 12 for:  20.00

F253.  Popsicle SPACE CARDS.  circa 1962 issue.  printed by Topps.  issued as premiums with the ice pops.  blue backs.  full color photo fronts with descriptive information.  numbered on the fronts.  are are excellent or nicer unless stated otherwise.  defects noted. 
1.  Picking the Astronaut Team.  off center.  excellent.  7.00
2.  Floating Astronauts.  excellent or better.  6.00
5.  Recovery Training.  excellent or better.  6.00
16.  Carrying the Capsule.  excellent or better.  6.00
20.  Spacesuit Checkup.  excellent or better.  6.00
21. Grissom in Spacesuit.  excellent or better.  6.00
27.  Grissom Get Ready.  excellent or better.  6.00
33.  Glenn and the F-106.  excellent or better.  6.00
36.  Taking a Break.  has corner ding.  4.00
43.  Studying the Maps.  excellent or better.  6.00


HOPALONG CASSIDY Trading Cards from Post Cereal.  early 1950's.  There were 36 cards total in the set.  We have the following in excellent or nicer condition (unless stated otherwise).  unless stated otherwise, they are  $10 each

complete box.  Post's Grape Nuts Flakes HOPALONG CASSIDY "Wild West Trading Cards".  1951.  pictures Hoppy on front and back.  back side promotes the 36 card set.  complete box with all panels intact.  creased on side panels.  overall very nice.  great display piece!  350.00

1  Hoppy's Six Shooter sold     *      2 Riding A Brahma Bull

3 Hopalong Cassidy  sold     *     4 The Stagecoach very good.  $7

5 Bucking Bronco sold     *     6  Hopalong Cassidy's Bar-20 Ranch

7 Pack Train spots in border  $7     *     8   Bull-dogging a Steer sold

9 Branding a Calf sold     *     10 Vigilantes

11 The Chuck Wagon     *     12 Night on the Range sold

13 Rodeo Stunt Riding     *     14 The Corral

15 Desert Plants sold     *     16 Hoppy Shoots a Rattle Snake  $20

17 Hoppy Trains His Horse Topper  sold     *     18 Fancy Rope Spinning sold

19 Roping a Steer sold     *     20 Topper sold

21 Hoppy and Topper sold     *     22 Fording A Stream

23 Shooting From The Saddle     *     24 A Cowboy's Horse Gets New Shoes sold

25 An Old Buckboard sold     *     26 Hoppy Sleeps Under the Stars  $12.50

27 Hoppy's Western Saddle sold     *     28 A Cowgirl

29 A Cowboy Ropes a Pony sold     *     30 A Prairie Schooner sold

31 Cowboy Jumps a Fence sold     *     32 Hoppy Finds Gold  $18

33 Hoppy's Boots & Spurs sold     *     34 Topper Gets a Rubdown

35 Shooting Buffalo sold     *     36 Dogies sold

Lesser Grade

4 The Stagecoach light crease.  $6     *     8 Bull-Dogging A Steer light center crease.  sold

10 Vigilantes     *     off center  $9

14 The Corral creased  $7     *     14 The Corral age darkening  $9

15 Desert Plants  very faint corner ding.  8.50     *     21 Hoppy & Topper minor spotting in border  $20

31 Cowboy Jumps a Fence creased.  very good.  $6     *     31 Cowboy Jumps a Fence dirt specks in upper right  $8


ROY ROGERS Post Cereal Pop-Up cards.  1950's cereal premium.  there were 36 cards in the set.  designed to be punched away from the borders and folded to form a "pip-up" display.  story on back of each card.  very hard to find intact.

#4 Pat Brady & Jeep Nelly Bell border intact.  crease in lower left very good.  $18

#4 Pat Brady & Jeep Nelly Bell unpunched.  no flaws nm/mint.   $30

#5 Roy Sees Signs of Trouble unpunched.  tiny spot on top near mint.  $25

#5 Roy Sees Signs of Trouble unpunched.  no flaws.  near mint to mint.  $30

#14  Roy Brings in a Bandit.  unpunched.  no flaws.  near mint to mint.  $30

#15 Trigger Dale & Roy.    border still intact.  creases.   $18

#27 Trigger saves Roy in a Forest Fire.  unpunched.  no flaws.  near mint to mint.  $30


Mothers Cookies (D72) SPORTS CARS.  1955 issue. set of 42 numbered Sports Car cards inserted in Mothers Cookies.  88 mm wide by 56 mm high with rounded corners.  Back variations exist due to advertisements for various premiums.
Type 1 (ashtray)     *     Type 2 (belt)     *     Type 3 (bracelet)    *     Type 4 (hat)     *    Type 5 (shirt)

#1 PORSCHE 1500 AMERICA.  Type 3.  nm/mint.  20.00     *     #3 SUNBEAM ALPINE.  Type 5.  excellent plus.  18.00

#4 PANHARD DYNA.  Type 4.  nm/mint.  20.00     *     #5 AUSTIN HEALEY 100.  Type 1.  near mint.  19.00

#5 AUSTIN HEALEY 100.  Type 3.  near mint/mint.  20.00     *     #6 M.G..  Type 2.  excellent.  18.50

#7 SIATA 208 CS.  Type 1.  nm/mint.  20.00     *     #8 FRAZER-NASH.  Type 1.  nm/mint.  20.00

#8 FRAZER-NASH.  Type 2.  nm/mint.  20.00     *     #9 TRIUMPH TR3.  Type 3.  nm/mint.  20.00

#10 JOWETT JUPITER R-4.  Type 1.  crease.  very good.  10.00     *     #10 JOWETT JUPITER R-4.  Type 4.  nm/mint.  20.00

#13 CHEVROLET CORVETTE.  Type 1.  excellent.  18.00     *     #13 CHEVROLET CORVETTE.  Type 1.  nm/mint.  19.50

#13 CHEVROLET CORVETTE.  Type 3.  nm/mint.  20.00     *     #15 ALLARD CADILLAC.  Type 5.  nm/mint.  20.00

#20 SIMCA.  Type 1.  nm/mint.  19.50     *     #20 SIMCA.  Type 2.  nm/mint.  20.00

#21 KURTIS BUICK.  Type 1.  nm/mint.  20.00     *     #22 MERCEDES BENZ.  Type 1.  near mint (tiny blue dot).  18.00

#22 MERCEDES BENZ.  Type 3.  near mint (light scratch).  18.50     *     #24 MORGAN PLUS FOUR.  Type 1.  excellent plus or nicer.  18.50

#25 LANCIA AURELIA B-10.  Type 4.  near mint.  19.00     *     #31 ASTON-MARTIN.  Type1.  near mint to mint.  19.50

#31 ASTON-MARTIN.  Type4.  near mint to mint.  20.00     *     #32 TALBOT-LAGO.  Type 5.  nm/mint.  20.00

#33 ALLARD LINCOLN.  Type 1.  nm/mint.  19.50     *     #33 ALLARD LINCOLN.  Type 2.  nm/mint.  20.00

#34 PEGASO.  Type 3.  nm/mint.  20.00     *     #36 CHRYSLER.  Type 5.  very good - weak corners.  16.00

#38 GORDINI GRAND PRIX.  Type 3.  nm/mint.  20.00     *     #39 ABARTH.  Type 4.  near mint.  19.50

#41 LEA FRANCIS.  Type 2.  near mint.  29.00     *     #42 J.B.S. Race Car.  Type 3.  near mint to mint.  sorry sold


similar to Mothers Cookies cards.  high gloss stock with round corners.  circa early 1950's issue.  scarce!
LESLIE CARON.  mint.  35.00
VIC DAMONE.  near mint.  25.00
ANN MILLER.  edge wrinkle.  excellent.  20.00
MICHAEL WILDING.  excellent.  20.00
MICHAEL WILDING.  mint.  25.00

1950's Mothers Cookies MOVIE STARS regional issue from San Francisco Bay area.  Prone to edge nicks and cookie stains.   This is an extremely excellent condition group, with excellent color.  reverse side offers premium "Trading Card Album".
sample picture      *   sample of reverse

#2  MARY CASTLE.  very good.  12.50     *     #2  MARY CASTLE.  nm/mint.  25.00

#3 SUSAN CABOT.  excellent - edge chipping.  18.00     *     #5  SHELLEY WINTERS.  fine crease and wrinkle.  very good.  15.00

#5  SHELLEY WINTERS.  excellent light crease.  16.00     *     #7  PIPER LAURIE.  nm/mint.  25.00

#8  HUGH O'BRIAN.   cookie stain on reverse.  25.00     *     #8  HUGH O'BRIAN.   nm/mint.  30.00

#9  TONY CURTIS.  nm/mint.  30.00     *     #10 ANN BLYTH.  tiny flaw at bottom center edge.  excellent plus or better.  21.50

#11  CLAUDETTE THORNTON.  minor wrinkle near center left edge.  16.00

#11  CLAUDETTE THORNTON.  tiny scotch tape residue at center top edge.  18.00

#11  CLAUDETTE THORNTON.   near mint.  25.00     *     #12  ALEX NICOL.  nm/mint.  25.00

#13  JEFF CHANDLER.  nm/mint.  25.00     *     #14  SUSAN BALL.   nm/mint.  25.00

#17  JANE RUSSELL.  minor edge chip on left. near mint.  35.00

#18  KEITH ANDES.  nm/mint.  25.00     *     #20  VERA RALSTON.  nm/mint.  25.00

#21  FRED MacMURRAY.   corner crease. vg/ex.  18.00     *     #21  FRED MacMURRAY.  nm/mint.  25.00

#22  EILEEN CHRISTY.  surface chip in upper left.  ex/nm.  17.50

#22  EILEEN CHRISTY.  nm/mint.  25.00     *     #23  RUTH HUSSEY.   nm/mint.  25.00

#24  ESTELITA.  nm/mint.  25.00     *     #26  REX ALLEN.  edge chipping along right edge.  25.00

#26  REX ALLEN.  near mint.  30.00     *     #27  ROBERT RYAN.  heavy creases.  gd/vg.  7.50

#29  SCOTT BRADY.  nm/mint.  25.00

#30 MARIE WILSONvariant:.  says starring in "Never Wave at a Wac".  near mint.  35.00

#31  ROCK HUDSON.  nm/mint.  30.00     *     #38  URSULA THIESS.  near mint.  25.00

#39  ELEANOR TODD.  near mint.  25.00     *     #40 KIRBY GRANT.  nm/mint.  30.00

#41  GERALDINE BROOKS.  near mint.  25.00

#42  PAULA CORDAY.  minor gloss loss.  very good to excellent.  16.00

#42  PAULA CORDAY.  near mint.  25.00     *     #45  ROBERT NEWTON.  ex/near mint.  23.00

#48  JOHN WAYNE.  edge and corner wear..  gloss loss.  very good.  25.00

#56 RAY MIDDLETON.  minor edge wear..  very good plus to excellent.  17.00

#58  MONICA LEWIS.  ex+/near mint.  22.50     *     #58  MONICA LEWIS.  nm/mint.  25.00

#59 ABBIE LANE.  light wrinkle creases.  very good.  12.00

#60  JOHNNY SHEFFIELD.  nm/mint.  25.00

#62  MONA FREEMAN.  minor edge chipping on right.  excellent plus.  22.50


1950's Mothers Cookies TELEVISION & RADIO STARS regional issue from San Francisco Bay area.  Prone to edge nicks and cookie stains.   This is an extremely excellent condition group, with excellent color.  There were 63 cards in the set.  they offer different premiums on the backside.
Type I has offer for: Big New Stamp Kit
Type II has offer  for celebrity 9 x 12 color photo: William Bendix; Joan Davis; Joan Caulfield or Bill Williams
(not 100% positive but card numbers 42 and higher seem to only appear with the "photo" offer)

#1 MARJORIE LORD.  Type II.  minor edge and corner wear.  very good plus.  12.00

#2 OZZIE NELSON.  Type I.  minor cookie stain on back.  near mint.  21.00

#5 RALPH EDWARDS.  Type I.  nm/mint.  18.00     *     #5 RALPH EDWARDS.  Type II.  nm/mint.  18.50

#5 RALPH EDWARDS.   tiny edge nick ex/nm.  14.00     *     #6 GROUCHO MARX.  crease in lower right.  vg+. 24.00

#10 JANET WALDO.  Type I.  nm/mint.  18.00     *     #11  MARTHA TILTON.  Type II.  cookie stain.  exc+.  17.00

#13  ELENA VERDUGO.  vg+ to excellent.  14.00     *     #14  EDWARD ARNOLD.  Type I.  excellent.  17.00

#15  DANNY THOMAS.  gd/vg.  8.50     *     #15  DANNY THOMAS.  Type I.  surface mark in up. right.  ex+.  16.50

#18  ERNIE FORD.  Type I.  indentation.  o/w exc.  16.00     *     #19  JERRY COLONNA.  very good plus to excellent.  12.00

#19  JERRY COLONNA.  Type I.  near mint.  18.00     *     #19  JERRY COLONNA.  Type II.  cookie stains.  o/w exc+.  17.00

#21  HILLARY BROOKE.  corner ding and crease. vg.  8.50     *     #21  HILLARY BROOKE.  Type I.  mint.  18.00

#22  JACK KIRKWOOD.   wrinkles.  vg.  10.00     *     #22  JACK KIRKWOOD.  Type I.  excellent.  15.00

#22  JACK KIRKWOOD.  Type I.  nm/mint.  18.00     *     #22  JACK KIRKWOOD.  Type II.  cookie stain.  nm.  17.50

#23 ART BAKER.  Type I.  nm/mint.  18.00     *     #23 ART BAKER.  Type II.  nm/mint.  18.50

#24  ROD CAMERON.  near mint.  20.00     *     #25 FRANK DE VOL.  Type I.  nm/mint.  18.00

#26  JACK McELROY.  Type I.  nm/mint.  18.00

#27  MADELEINE BURKETTE.  Type II.  minor wrinkle along edge.  very good or nicer.  12.00

#28  WILLIAM BENDIX.  Type I.  minor wrinkle upper left corner.  excellent.  15.00

#28  WILLIAM BENDIX.  Type II.  minor corner creases.  very good.  12.00

#29   BETTY J. TAYLOR.  Type I.  nm/mint.  18.00     *     #29   BETTY J. TAYLOR.  Type II.  edge chips.  excellent  15.00

#29   BETTY J. TAYLOR.  Type II.  minor gloss loss.  excellent  14.00     *     #30  JULIE BISHOP.  cookie stain.  very good plus.  12.50

#30  JULIE BISHOP.  Type I.  nm/mint.  18.00     *     #30  JULIE BISHOP.  Type II.  nm/mint.  18.50

#33  GINGER ROGERS.  Type II.  faint wrinkle in upper corner.  24.00

#35  LORETTA YOUNG.  creases.  vg.  15.00     *     #35  LORETTA YOUNG.  Type I.  minor edge chipping.  20.00

#36  TOM HARMON.  Type II.  spotting.  vg+/exc.  18.00     *     #38  ALVINO REY.  Type I.  nm/mint.  18.00

#39  CURT MASSEY.  creased.  vg.  9.00     *     #39  CURT MASSEY.  Type I.  corner crease.  15.00

#39  CURT MASSEY.  Type II.  nm/mint.  18.50     *     #40 MARY ANN OWENS.  Type I.  nm/mint.  18.00

#41 CHARLIE RUGGLES.  Type I.  nm/mint.  18.00     *     #41 CHARLIE RUGGLES.  Type II.  creased.  10.00

#41 CHARLIE RUGGLES.  Type II.  near mint to mint.  18.00     *     #42  HARRY JAMES.  Type II.  nm/mint.  22.50

#43  JIM JORDAN.  Fibber McGee.  Type II.  edge and corner wear. very good.  15.00

#45  JOAN DAVIS.  Type II.  near mint.  18.00     *     #49  BOBBY HYATT.  Type II.  nm/mint.  18.00

#58  PAUL HARTMAN.  Type II.  nm/mint.  18.00     *     #61  BARBARA BRITTON.  Type II.  mint.  18.00


BOY SCOUTS.  circa 1912.  Pascall's Specialties (candy inserts).  Not positive, but I think this was a Canadian issue.  Very scarce - can not find it listed.  All have name penciled lightly on backside.  Some have inked letter "S".  These will be noted with an Asterisk (*) at beginning.  Nice color.

TREKING.  vg/ex.  $20     *       PHYSICAL EXERCISE. vg/ex.  $20     *       FIRE BRIGADE. vg/ex.  $20

AVIATION.  vg/ex.  $20     *       CAMP FIRE.  vg/ex.  $20     *       FLASH LAMP SIGNALLING.  small surface tear on back.  vg+.  $18

WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY.  vg/ex.  $20     *     VAULTING.  vg/ex.  $18     *     CYCLING.  vg/ex.  $18

BOATING.  creased.  vg.  $14     *     TRACKING.  vg/ex.  $18


AIRPLANES from Carnation Corn Flakes.  circa 1952 issue.  full color.  descriptive information on backside with profile view.  Scarce West Coast issue.  approx.  3.5 x 2.2 inches.  43 cards in the set

Boeing B-29 Fortress. tape damage.  $5     *       Boeing Stratocruiser.  tape damage.  $5

 Convair XF-81 Escort Fighter. tape damage.  $5     *        Convair XF-81 Escort Fighter.  scuffed.  $8

Lockheed F-90 Penetration Fighter .  tape damage.  $5     *       Lockheed Constitution.  tape damage.  $5

N.A. B-45 Tornado Jet Bomber.  tiny scuff at bottom. excellent.  $10

N.A. B-45 Tornado Jet Bomber.  tape damage.  $5     *       Northrop F-89 Scorpion.  minor tape damage.  $7


DOGS from Carnation Corn Flakes.  circa 1952 issue.  full color.  descriptive information on backside with checklist.  Scarce West Coast issue.  approx.  3.5 x 2.2 inches.  40 cards in the set.

 #2. Chow-Chow tape damage.  $5     *       #5.  Beagle tape damage. $5

 #12.  Pekingese. tape damage. $5     *      #21.  Boston Terrier. tape damage. $5

#31.  Bedlington Terrier. tape damage & crease. $5


1950's Wheaties Cereal 3-D WILD ANIMAL Cards.  They came 2 cards to the panel.  Each panel is approx. 4" by 8".  You needed a "Magic 3D Viewer" to see them clearly, in 3-dimension.   near mint to mint.  each pair is $10  example card

Magic 3D Viewer in nm/mint condition.  15.00     *     3 Sable Antelope & 4 Leopard

5 Zebu & 6 Jaguar     *     9 African Lion & 10 Banting

17 Eland & 18 Chimpanzee     *     19 Bongo & 10 Giant Panda

#10 Banting.  single card.  4.00     *     #13 White Rhinoceros.  single card.  4.00

#14 Gemsbok. single card.  4.00


WOODY WOODPECKER DRAWING CARDS.  1953 (1st series) and 1954 (2nd series)  premiums from Carnation Corn Flakes and Alber Oats Cereal. Each full color card measures 2.25" by 3.5". On the front is a tremendous color illustration of a WALTER LANTZ cartoon character, and on the reverse is a drawing lesson on how to sketch that character. (click to view sample of reverse side).  the ones listed as nm/mint MAY have very tiny spotting on reverse - very very MINOR.  Regionally distributed on West Coast only, very limited production.  Total of 36.  Issued in 2 series, with the 2nd half being much rarer than the first series, even though they are ALL very hard to find.

1 Woody Woodpeckerpainting self portrait.  near mint/mint.  $20

2 Meeny Miney & Mo .  near mint/mint.  $15     *     3 Wally Walrus.  near mint/mint.  $15

4 Homer Pigeon.  near mint/mint.  $15     *     5 Charlie Chicken holding football.   near mint/mint.  $15

6 Oswald Rabbit juggling.  near mint/mint.  $15     *     7 Buck Beaver near mint/mint.  $15

8  Floyd & Lloyd Rabbit near mint/mint.  $15     *     9  Baby Face.   very good/exc  $10

9  Baby Face.   near mint/mint  $15     *     10  Paddy Pelican.  good to very good  $6

10  Paddy Pelican.  near mint/mint  $15     *     11  Cookie The Cuckoo.  near mint.  faint corner wrinkle.  $12

11  Cookie The Cuckoo  near mint/mint.  $15     *     13  Omar Owl.  very good  $7

13  Omar Owl.  near mint/mint.  $15     *     14 Dizzy Dog.  ex/nm but creased.  $9

14  Dizzy Dog.   near mint/mint.  $15     *     15  Snuffy Skunk.   near mint/mint.  sorry sold

16  Andy Panda.   near mint/mint.  $15     *     17  Buzz Buzzard as bandito.   near mint/mint.  $15

18  Miranda Panda.  exc.  $12     *     18  Miranda Panda.  near mint/mint.  $15

19  Sugarfoot.  near mint/mint.  $25     *     21  Phanny Duck.  ex/nm.  $20

22  Winny Woodpecker.  near mint/mint.  $25     *     23  Nipper. (St. Bernard).  near mint/mint.  $25

24  Oswald Rabbit in Magician outfit.   near mint/mint.  sorry sold    *     25  King Lion.   near mint/mint.  $25

28 Buzz Buzzard with guitar.   near mint/mint.  $25     *     29  Corny Crow.   near mint/mint.  $25

30 Andy Panda hands in suspenders.  2 very minor edge "wrinkles".  near mint.  sorry sold

31  Foxy Fox.  near mint/mint.  $25     *     32  Knothead & Splinter.  faint cor. wrinkle.  near mint.   $20

32  Knothead & Splinter.   near mint/mint.  $25     *     33 Red Cardinal weightlifting.  near mint.  $21

33 Red Cardinal weightlifting.   near mint/mint.  $25     *     34 Cuddles.   near mint/mint. $25

35  Chilly Willy.  near mint.  $25     *     36 Pappy Tiger.   near mint/mint.  $35


1950's Langendorf Bread DOG CARDS
A) OTTERHOUND, ex/nm (reverse).  10.00

SGT. PRESTON "Adventure Cards", Quaker Cereal. Approx. 3 1/2" x 2 1/4", full color art on front, reverse has story. Ex/mint.  EACH card is 10.00.
following are NOT dated: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 25, 27, 29, 30, 31, 33, 35, 35, 36
following are DATED 1950:  9, 24, 28, 32
following are DATED 1956: 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 25, 27, 32
rare blank back: same artwork as #22 "Wolf pack attacking Caribou" - blank reverse. printed on glossier stock!  $15

SPACE PATROL Cards. Full color art, c.1952 premium from Ralston Wheat Chex

ROCKET OVER CANALI tiny ding in lower right excellent plus. sorry sold

READY FOR ACTION creases in lower right.  $15

SPACE STATION wrinkle crease in center. $15

SPACE REFUELING  very good plus.  stained.  $15

STARDRIVE.  near mint.  $25

STAR TREK "The Next Generation" Hostess/Frito-Lay trading cards.  Issued in Canada only, 1993. Full color photos from the show, w/text on reverse in French & English. Miniature, 1 1/4" by 1 3/4", each is still sealed in it’s cellophane envelope. Issued 1 card at a time per package of food product. EXTREMELY SCARCE.  Each is 3.50 
Available: 3, 4, 5, 11, 16, 21, 28, 29, 33, 36, 38, and the checklist card.

STAR TREK "The Next Generation" Hostess/Frito-Lay trading card "booklets".  1993, Canadian issue only. Color photos from the show, w/text in French & English. Miniature, 1 1/4" by 1 3/4", each folds out like an accordion, 16 pages. Issued 1 at a time per package of food. Available: "REDEMPTION", "THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS". EXTREMELY RARE!....EACH. 5.00

STAR TREK "Deep Space Nine" Hostess/Frito-Lay trading cards.   1993 Canadian issue only. Color photos from the show, w/text in French & English. Miniature, 1 1/4" x 1 3/4", each is still sealed in it’s cellophane envelope. Issued 1 card at a time per package of food product. Extremely scarce issue.  each is 3.50
Available: DO1, DO2, DO3, DO4, DO5, DO8.

card set.  STAR WARS Wonder Bread Trading Cards PLUS bread wrapper.  Given out ONE card per loaf of bread. Original illus. bread wrapper (scarce) & complete set of cards. Hostess. 1970's,  near mint to mint. sorry sold

early 1950's NABISCO TOYTOWN CARNIVAL.  Cereal inserts.  pictures to color and cut out.  we have the following available in excellent or nicer condition, no creases:
#20 SODA STAND  3.00
#29  WEIGH GUESSER.  3.00


approx. 2.5" by 3".  perforated edges.  candy box cut-outs.  scarce issue.
#8.  SIR HENRY MORGAN.   colors bright.  excellent overall.  40.00


BACHMANN Airplanes.  1970's.  full color artwork.  approx. 4" by 4".  description in upper half with illustration of airplane below.  that airplane is the actual numbered card.  these are the full backs - the card has not been cut out.  these came on the backside of a package that contained detailed hand painted airplane.  rarely found by themselves.  click here to see the actual airplanes and boxed airplanes for sale.   below are the individual package backs.

unnumbered.  SOPWITH CAMEL.  $5     *     01.  FLYING TIGER P-40.  $5

02.  MESSERSCHMITT ME-109.  $5     *     02.  BOEING CLIPPER.  light crease in upper right corner.  $5

03.  MIG-21C.   $5     *     06.  B-17.  $5     *     11.  MUSTANG P-51.  $5

12.  LIGHTNING P-38.  $5     *     17.  FOKKER DR-1.  $5     *     18.  SPAD XIII.  $5

27.  JUNKERS JU 88.  $5     *     31.  STUKA JU-87 G.  $5     *     32.  P-47 D THUNDERBOLT.  $5

36.  BOEING F4B-4. close trim on bottom edge.  $4     *     37.  WRIGHT BROS. KITTY HAWK  $5

39.  B-24D LIBERATOR.  $5     *     42.  CURTISS P-6E HAWK.  $5     *     44.  PBY-5A CATALINA  $5

55.  OS2U-3 KINGFISHER.  $5     *     62. GRUMMAN F4F WILDCAT.  $5     *     63.  FOCKE-WULF 190.  $5

64.  MORANE-SAULNIER. minor wrinkle.  $5     *     66.  DOUGLAS SKYRAIDER.  $5

70.  CURTIS HELLDIVER.  $5     *     75.  DORNIER DO-17.  $5

93.  HINDENBURG. rare high number.  bottom edge cut off.  $5


POPEYE CANDY Boxes by Phoenix Candy, 1979 issue. Each 2 1/2" by 5" box has a color scene on each side. There are 5 different boxes (10 different color scenes total).
A) Individual, box #1, 2, 3, 5. (no #4 singles available).. @.. 10.00
B) Set of all 5 boxes. 45.00

Hanna Barbera's HUCKLEBERRY  HOUND "Fun Cards", from the back of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes cereal boxes. Full color, playing card size. 1960’s, scarce non-sport issue. Full cereal backs came with either 4 different or 6 different.

 Full 6-card back: HUCK golfing; YOGI on inner tube; JINKS w/bat; PIXIE & DIXIE on spoon; PIXIE & DIXIE on cheese; BOO BOO in car accident.   45.00

Full 6-card back: HUCK ringleader; BOO BOO w/apple; JINKS w/flowers; JINKS w/ice cream cones; PIXIE & DIXIE on record; HUCK football player.   45.00


INDIANS Cereal Cards, cut out from cereal box backs. Full color w/biographical text. Approx. 6" by 7.5" with Indian design border. Late 50's or early 60's, Kellogg's. All are excellent +.   EACH   12.50

BLACK HAWK     *     KING PHILIP     *     OSCEOLA     *     LOGAN

RED CLOUD     *     LITTLE TURTLE     *     JOSEPH BRANT vg/ex  $11.50


WESTERN HEROES Cereal Cards, cut out from 1963 Kellogg's Cereal box backs. Full color art w/biographical text. Approx. 6" by 7.5" with a wood grain border. The following are all excellent to mint.   EACH  12.50 unless marked otherwise

JOHN SUTTER.  full package back.  approx. 9.25" by 6.75".   excellent or nicer.  20.00




the BREAD LABELS have been move to their own page: click here


 R118.   "Presidents Play Bucks" issued by the Dietz Gum Co. of Chicago in 1933. One "Presidential Play Buck" was given free with each piece of one-cent Presidents Chewing Gum. "Presidents Play Bucks". approx.  5.25" x 2.25".  front of each currency depicts a portrait image of a U.S. President.  bio on the reverse.  Almost all the ones found today will have a vertical fold line down the center as issued.  These have NO fold.  possibly issued with the album or as a promotional!
JAMES MADISON $20.  no fold.  excellent plus to near mint.  25.00
MILLARD FILLMORE $2.  no fold.  excellent plus to near mint.  25.00
BENJAMIN HARRISON $5.  no fold.  excellent plus to near mint.  25.00


1934 National Chicle TOM MIX Cowboy Adventure Story Booklets.   Each is 8 pages, illustrated.  These rare booklets are all in near mint or better condition!   EACH...   45.00

#5 Downs the Sidewinder     *     #7 At War on Range     *     #8 Saves The Day     *     #9 Wins His Way

#13 Battles The Flames     *     #14 Escapes the Poison Death     *     #16 His Guns Blaze in the Desert

#17 Tony Give Tom Mix a Big Day     *     #19 Rides Against Death     *     #21 Solves the Riddle of Thunder River

#22 Death To The Scorpion     *     #23  And Tony Rope an Outlaw


Walt Disney’s JOHNNY TREMAIN "SONS OF LIBERTY" Plastic coins, size of half dollar. 1950’s food premium, mint    EACH     15.00

Rab Silsbee     *     Priscilla Lapham     *     Paul Revere     *     Patriots at Concord

Boston Tea Party


PIRATE COINS  plastic. Armour Franks or cereal premiums, 1950’s. Various colors and shapes, all say PIRATE TREASURE on reverse in raised letters.

CAPTAIN KIDD.  Jolly Roger on reverse.  bronze.  scalloped edges.  $15

SIR FRANCIS DRAKE.  Jolly Roger on reverse.  bronze.  scalloped edges  $15


THE MONKEES Picture Coins.  1967.  Cereal premiums, issued in Canada ONLY -  in Kellogg’s Cereal. Plastic disc the size of half dollar w/color picture inserted, reverse has Kellogg's logo.  Unnumbered, there were 12 in the set.    following in near mint condition...   .EACH... 18.00

DAVY talking to other 3     *     all 4 on stage     *       PETER in pensive pose (scratches)

MICHAEL in tuxedo     *     all 4 heads jammed together in row


JELLO Famous Car Wheel Coins.  full color illustrations of automobiles inset into plastic coin.  reverse side has wheel design.  1960's issue in Canada only.  there are 100 different in the set.

we have many individual coins for sale.  let us know your wants.  each coin is fully marked on reverse side.   priced at $5 per coin or $4 each if you purchase 6 or more.
here are a few examples:

11. 1896 Ford     *     26.  1900 Olds     *     30.  1903 Overland     *     50.  1909 Simplex

63.  1914 Chalmers     *     75.  1919 Templar     *     80.  1921 Kissel     *     81.  1921 Vauxhall

85.  1923 Fiat     *     112.  1931 Packard     *     120.  1934 Chrysler     *     139.  1947 Studebaker

187.  1961 Buick     *     196.  1961 Rambler

BULLWINKLE Coins.  colorful paper insert set into various colored plastic rims.  Character include: Rocky, Bullwinkle, Boris, Natasha, Dudley Do-Right. Nell, Inspector Fenwick, Fearless Leader, Sherman & Peabody, etc.  advertising on reverse.  1964 Old London Potato Chips, RARE regional issue only,  nm/mint.  make sure to click the blue number to see the picture of each.   EACH   24.00 click the blue number to see the image
2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 23, 28, 30, 31, 33, 34, 35, 37, 40, 41, 43, 44, 45, 48, 49, 52, 53, 56,

DOG Coins. issued with various food products.  1960's vintage.  color illustration on paper.  hard plastic backing and rim.  they come with various back advertising or plain.  dog names in English or English & French.  some of the plain backs are simply marked "Made in Canada" in raised letters on reverse.

Hunters Potato Chips:

#5 Pekingese   $6

plain back - Made in Canada:

#14 Beagle.  pencil mark  $5     *     #32 Saint Bernard      *     #54 Gordon Setter $5

plain back:

#1 Bulldog - Bouledogue  $4     *     #3 Poodle  $4     *     #7 Papillon  $4     *     #10 Weimaraner  $4

#13 English Springer - Epangneuil Anglais  $4     *     #38 Irish Terrier - Terrier Irlandais  $4

#47 Yorkshire Terrier  $4     *     #49 Briard  $3     *     #60 Labrador Retriever  $3


SPACE COINS.  Set of 60 with various sponsors.  colorful paper insert set into various opaque colored plastic rims with advertising on reverse.  regionally issued.  click each number to see that particular coin.  each is 6.50

with KRUNCHEE Corn Chips reverse:  6; 9; 13; 14 worn $4; 22; 24; 36

with GORDON'S Potato Chips reverse: 2; 5; 7 poor $1; 7; 8; 12; 24; 34; 35; 36; 37; 38; 39; 47 crease

back only says "Made in Canada" in raised letters: 7; 10

back is totally blank 12; 31; 45


SPACE MAGIC Coins.  1964 vintage.  Premiums that usually have advertising from Potato Chips or other food production on reverse side.   Numbered on front.  descriptions on reverse.  realistic history of Space Flight.  clear plastic with color artwork insert.  unless stated otherwise they are $6.50 each:

NO ADVERTISING on reverse;
3 (Gus Grissom) $8; 3 (Gus Grissom) sealed $12; 13 (Deke Slayton) two small paper nicks $5;

KRUN-CHEE advertising on reverse
 25 crack on reverse; 28; 33; 36; 39; 41; 44; 50; 54; 56; 57; 58

NALLY'S advertising on reverse:
4; 5; 12; 16; 17; 20; 25; 27 paper insert pasted in backwards $5; 27; 2829 sealed $8; 31 sold, 32 sold; 32 sealed sold; 33; 33 sealed sold; 35; 36; 36 sealed $8; 37; 38 sold; 38 sealed sold  40; 40 sealed $8; 41 (Wright Bros.); 41 (Wright Bros.) sealed $8; 42 sold; 43; 44; 44 sealed $8; 46; 46 sealed sold 4950; 50 sealed $8;  51; 51 sealed $8; 52sold; 55 rim chip $5; 55; 55 sealed; 56 sealed $8; 58; 60sold

SCHULER'S advertising on reverse:

SPACE ORBIT Rockets and Space Coins.  1960's Potato Chip Premiums. clear plastic backs. numbered on front w/title. History of space flight.  very bright colored artwork.  EACH    6.50
4; 7; 9; 10 sold; 11; 13; 15; 16; 17; 18; 19 sold; 20; 21; 23; 54; 57; 58


DIXIE CUP Ice Cream Premiums.  Full color, approx. 8" by 10", 1930's vintage.  Reverse has b&w photos of them.
ANNABELLE  Stain on bottom edge, small staple hole in upper left, small crease in upper left. very good    8.50
GARY COOPER. Tiny pinholes in corners. Very light corner crease in lower left.  exc.   25.00
ALICE FAYE. There is a light fold along running parallel to the bottom edge and 2 small ¼” tears on bottom edge.  vg+   12.50
JUNE LANG. There are spots on the picture and light corner creases.  vg   9.50
TYRONE POWER. Small stain on bottom edge, beneath his wrist. Light corner creases.  vg/ex  12.50
SIMONE SIMON. Very tiny pinholes in the corners. ½” tear in upper left border.  vg+  10.00

DIXIE CUP Ice Cream Lid MOVIE STARS, approx. 2.75" dia., sepia toned photos.  All are excellent or better
A) SONJA HENIE in "When Winter Comes"     10.00
B) JACKIE COOPER "Life With Henry", msg tab     9.00
C) GEORGE O’BRIEN "Trouble in Sundown"     12.00
D) MERLE OBERON "Wuthering Heights"     10.00
E) NANCY KELLY "Stanley & Livingstone"     10.00
F) SABU "Thief of Bagdad"     10.00
G) JACK RANDALL "Drifting Westward", msg tab    10.00
H) TYRONE POWER "Rose of Washington Square"    10.00
I) JANE WITHERS "The Arizona Wildcat"    10.00
J) ANDREA LEEDS "The Real Glory"    10.00
K) DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS JR. "Gunga Din"    12.00
L) JACKIE MORAN "The Old Swimmin’ Hole"    10.00
M) ALICE FAYE "Rose of Washington Square"    10.00
N) ANNE SHIRLEY in "Sorority House".  10.00

DIXIE CUP Ice Cream Lid MOVIE STARS, approx. 2¾" dia., black & white photos
A) GINGER ROGERS in "Roxie Hart"    10.00
B) DOROTHY LAMOUR in "Beyond the Blue Horizon"    10.00
C) CARY GRANT in "International Honeymoon"    10.00
D) PAULETTE GODDARD in "The Forest Rangers"    10.00
E) SONJA HENIE in "Iceland"    10.00
F) SMILEY BURNETTE in "Stardust on the Sage"    12.50
G) CHARLES STARRETT in "West of Tombstone"  12.50

DIXIE CUP Ice Cream Lid MOVIE STARS, approx. 2¾" dia., blue tint photos. Early 50’s issue, ¾ photo w/name & title under the photo. All are nm/mint, exceptionally nice!
A) JEAN PETERS "Viva Zapata"    8.00
B) BETTY HUTTON "Greatest Show on Earth"    8.00
C) MITZI GAYNOR "Down Among the Sheltering Palms"   8.00
D) SHELLY WINTERS "Untamed"    8.00
F) STEWART GRANGER "Scarmouche"    8.00

DIXIE CUP Ice Cream Lid MOVIE STARS.   2.25" dia. blue tint photos
A) TEX RITTER in "Tex Rides With the Boy Scouts", exc    15.00
B) COLONEL TIM McCOY, Columbia Pictures, exc, msg tab 15.00

DIXIE CUP Ice Cream lid MOVIE STARS  2¼" dia., black & white photos
A) CHARLES STARRETT  Columbia Star, exc, msg tab   12.50

DIXIE CUP Ice Cream Lid MOVIE STARS  2¼" dia., sepia toned photos
A) CHARLES STARRETT  A Columbia Star, exc 15.00
B)  ANN BLYTH "Red Canyon".  Hoodsie Hood's Ice Cream.  excellent.  14.00


full box.  1988 Leaf AWESOME ALL-STARS.  full box of 36 unopened packs of baseball stickers and bubble gum.  great color artwork cards of monsters and ogres as baseball players!  great stuff.  near mint to mint.  full box of factory sealed packs.  59.50

unopened wax pack.   1988 Leaf AWESOME ALL-STARS red background with batter about to swing at hand grenade.  mint.  5.00

unopened wax pack.   1988 Leaf AWESOME ALL-STARS yellow background with pitcher.  mint.  5.00

unopened wax pack.   1988 Leaf AWESOME ALL-STARS blue background with player with baseballs in his nostrils.  mint.  5.00

wrapper.  1932 TATTOO Chewing Gum by Orbit Gum.  this is the yellow variation.  very attractive full color graphics of a Pirate and a Pirate Ship.  reverse side of wrapper has Fortune #12.  excellent to near mint.  125.00

wrapper.  1932 TATTOO Chewing Gum by Orbit Gum.  this is the green variation.  very attractive full color graphics of a Pirate and a Pirate Ship.  reverse side of wrapper is plain.  excellent to near mint.  124.50

wrapper.  1934 SKY BIRDS Chewing Gum.  R136.  1 Cent wax wrapper.  National Chicle Co.  black, red and sky blue.  great graphics.  SKY BIRD Escadrille Coupon intact.  premiums offered include: Official Wings Insignia; 16 page official handbook; silver finished Identification Disk.  Normal crease lines along the folds.  no rips or tears.  approx. 6.5" by 5".  excellent.  GREAT display item!  175.00

wrapper.  V256.  1934 TARZAN OF THE APES Picture Gum (Crystal Vault of Isis).  rare Canadian issue.  Canadian Chewing Gum.  copyright Stephen Slesinger.  (the American issue is R147 Schutter-Johnson Candy).  red graphics on waxy translucent paper.  approx. 5" by 7.5".  complete.  wrinkled.  nice graphics.  EXTREMELY scarce!!!  750.00

1950's unopened Pack of Argentina Disney ZORRO cards. TV ZORRO cards from Argentina. Measures approx. 2 ¼" by 3 ¾". Very close in size to an American baseball card. I can NOT translate it for you, but it seems to contain "4 FIGURITAS". There is no "lump" in the package, so I do not think it came with gum or anything. MINT  25.00

wrapper.  1960 Leaf GO-GO COLLEGE FELT PENNANTS.  approx. 3.5" by 10".  gently opened on one end.  excellent.  9.50

empty box.  1960 Leaf GO-GO COLLEGE FELT PENNANTS.  box is complete and intact but dented.  19.50

Topps 1964 THE BEATLES wax wrapper.  yellow with portraits of the 4.  complete.  wrinkles and corner wear on the folds.  still displays quite nicely.  sorry sold

Topps 1965 MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. wax wrapper.  artwork of NAPOLEON SOLO on front.  normal wear.  1/2 inch tear in upper right on the fold.  excellent condition.  35.00

Fleer 1965 WEIRD-OHS full unopened 5 Cent pack of cards.  based on the Hawk Model kit characters.  mint and unopened.  35.00

1966 MARVEL SUPER HEROES.  Donruss counter display box.  originally held 24 packs of 5 Cent bubble gum cards.  full color graphics of Captain America; Spiderman; The Hulk; Thor; Daredevil and Iron Man!  empty box is complete and displays very nicely.  colors are bright and vivid.   excellent.  scarce!  299.50

Topps 1967 MORE OF THE MONKEES wax wrapper.  wrapper has illustration of the famous TV Stars and rock group.  Offer on the side panel to Join the Monkees Fan Club.  Complete.  1/2" tear on top edge, almost center.  Also a 1.5" tear on the far left top edge, near the left border.  displays nicely.  28.00

Topps 1967 MORE OF THE MONKEES wax wrapper.  wrapper has illustration of the famous TV Stars and rock group.  Offer on the side panel to Join the Monkees Fan Club.  Complete.  tiny tear on top edge.  overall excellent or nicer.   displays nicely.  35.00

1969 Philadelphia Gum DARK SHADOWS 2nd Series wax wrapper.  complete. excellent plus condition.  scarce!  40.00

Topps 1969 PLANET OF THE APES Movie Cards - wax wrapper.  wrapper illustrates pair of them.  excellent condition.  35.00

Donruss 1973 FANTASTIC ODD RODS.  empty display box.  full color.  guaranteed original.  complete box is intact with very minimal wear.  colors are very strong and bright.  no rips, no tears, no stains, no repairs.  excellent plus.  45.00

1974 Topps COMIC BOOK HEROES wax wrapper.  Great color graphics of Thor and Spiderman from Marvel Comics.  tiny pinhead sized rip in the bottom edge.  overall excellent or better.  scarce!  40.00

1974 Topps COMIC BOOK HEROES wax wrapper.  Great color graphics of Thor and Spiderman from Marvel Comics.  overall near mint.  scarce!  48.00

Topps 1975 PLANET OF THE APES TV Series Cards - wax wrapper.  wrapper illustrates Gorilla solider. excellent condition.  25.00

Donruss 1975 SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN countertop display box.  This is the empty box - complete.  Color photo of Colonel Steve Austin on top.  excellent.  great display item.  7.50

1976 Empty counter top display box for SKATEBOARD STICKERS & Bubble Gum, from Donruss.  Used, excellent condition.   20.00

1976 SKATEBOARD STICKERS & Bubble Gum, mint, unopened pack from Donruss.  5.00

Donruss 1976 issue SPACE:1999 empty wax wrapper.  Complete and in superior condition.   1.50 each

1977 CHARLIE’S ANGELS set of 3 different wrappers from the Topps Gum Card set. One has the ad on the side for Team Checklist Cards, one has ad for Bazooka that starts off “Lotsa Friends”, and the 3rd has ad for Bazooka that starts off “Has It All”.    9.50

Topps 1978 CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND.  Mint, unopened gum pack.  Wrapper, cards, sticker and gum.  5.00

Topps 1978 CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND - from the movie.  Countertop display box.  Contains 36 mint, unopened packs of cards, each pack contains sticker also.  Box itself is near mint.   35.00

late 1970's CLOSE ENCOUNTERS bread trading cards WRAPPER.  Original complete Wonder Bread "BIG" bag. colorful. end panels have illustrated offer for the CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND Trading Card inside. Used but in excellent or nicer condition. no flaws. The trading cards are fairly easy to find. When was the last time you saw the bread wrapper? Approx. 17.5" by 9". complete bag (place a foam block inside and it will display like a new loaf of bread! Great oddball item!  59.50

STAR WARS Trading Cards from Japan, store display. Each card is full color photo, 5" by 3 1/4", with Japanese text on reverse. Made in 1977 by Topps. Each unopened "pack" contains 4 cards. These "packs" are see thru plastic w/a cardboard header card. Display is approx. 13" wide by 17 1/2" tall. It is a vinyl wall hanger w/6 pockets. Each pocket is see thru & holds the "packs". The top is a color photo of R2D2 & C3PO and Japanese writing. All together there are 30 packs of 4 cards each
and the display! All are MINT.  .THE LOT.    sorry sold

Topps 1978 MORK & MINDY TV Show.  Countertop display box.  (photo of pack)  The original owner, luckily, neatly opened each pack 22 years ago, and removed the gum so that it would not stain and ruin the cards.  You get 36 packs of 10 card & a sticker in each.  That's a grand total of box, 36 wrappers, 360 MINT cards, 36 MINT stickers.  40.00

Topps 1978 GREASE countertop display box.  Colorfully illustrated with JOHN TRAVOLTA and OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN, box originally contained 36 waxpacks of gumcards.  Great for display!   15.00

Topps 1978 GREASE gum card wax pack wrapper.  Yellow wrapper has portraits of JOHN TRAVOLTA & OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN inside red heart.  Great display item!  $3 each or 5 for $10.

Donruss 1978 ELVIS countertop display box.  Colorful photo of ELVIS PRESLEY on the top.  Box originally held 36 waxpacks of gumcards.  Great display item!  15.00

Donruss 1978 ELVIS gumcard waxpack wrapper.  ELVIS PRESLEY illustrated on red background.  Great for display!  $3 each or 5 for $10.00

wrapper.  Donruss 1976 KISS 2nd Series.  reverse has offer for "KISS Meets The Phantom in the Park" magazine.  no cards - just the empty display wrapper from a pack of cards.  excellent.  10.00

Topps 1979 James Bond 007 MOONRAKER.  countertop display box.  full counter top display box with 36 full, unopened packs of cards.  contents mint.  box near mint.  39.50

Topps 1979 James Bond 007 MOONRAKER.  countertop display box.  This is the empty box - complete.  Color photo of Roger Moore on top.  excellent.  great display item.  7.50

Topps 1979 James Bond 007 MOONRAKER wax wrapper.  superior condition.  Great for display.  $3 each or 5 for $10.

Topps 1979 Walt Disney THE BLACK HOLE.   countertop display box.  This is the empty box - complete.  Color artwork of the cast on boxtop.  excellent.  great display item.  7.50

Topps 1979 Walt Disney THE BLACK HOLE wax wrapper.  superior condition.  Great for display.  $3 each or 5 for $10.

Topps 1979 BUCK ROGERS TV Series countertop display box.  This is the empty box - complete.  Color artwork of the cast on boxtop.  excellent.  great display item.  7.50

Topps 1979 BUCK ROGERS TV Series wax wrapper.  superior condition.  Great for display.  $3 each or 5 for $10.00

Mint 1983 Topps Chewing Gum company, rack pack of Star Wars RETURN OF THE JEDI Trading cards.  45 Movie photo cards in the package.  Never opened, still factory sealed.  Package may differ from the one pictured (different cards may be on the front) - but package is MINT.   mint, factory sealed.  sorry sold

Topps 1986 GARBAGE PAIL KIDS 5th Series countertop display box.  Great artwork of kid with Nuclear explosion coming thru top of his head.  Box originally held 48 waxpacks of gumcards.  Great display piece! sorry sold

Topps 1986 GARBAGE PAIL KIDS 5th Series gumcard waxpack wrapper.   Wrapper has artwork of kid with Nuclear explosion coming thru top of his head on black background.  Great for display.  $2 each or 5 for $7.00 sorry sold

Topps 1990 DICK TRACY Movie.  Unopened pack of 8 movie cards and 1 sticker.  mint.  3.50

1991 PPG INDY CAR WORLD SERIES "ALL WORLD RACING".  CDA AW Sports Inc.  36 counts.  never opened.   mint/factory sealed box.  9.50

Impel 1991 STAR TREK "25th Anniversary".  Mint, factory sealed box of 36 packs.  I believe the packs each contain 10 cards - but I am not positive.  18.50

Impel 1992 Inaugural Edition STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION.  Mint, factory sealed box of 36 packs of 10 cards each.  That's a grand total of 360 MINT cards.  Box says "Look for randomly packed holograms".  18.50

Skybox 1993 Walt Disney ALADDIN.  Mint, factory sealed box of 36 packs of 8 cards each.  (this is the dark blue box, not the purple box with the Jumbo Packs).  that's a grand total of 288 MINT cards.  This is the dark BLUE box.  18.00

Decipher.  1995 STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION Customizable Card Game ALTERNATE UNIVERSE 15 Card Expansion Set(release: November, 1995) The Alternate Universe is a collection of cards that focuses on the past; future; and alternate timelines. It also introduces a new card type: Doorway;  and contains the first ultra-rare card: Future Enterprise (3X as rare as a normal card). Alternate Universe was released in 15-card expansion packs.  box contains 36 packs of 15 cards each.   mint/factory sealed unopened box.  15.00

Upper Deck.  1996 ALL-TIME TOONS full unopened box.  36 packs of 7 cards each plus: Look for Toon Time Capsule & Classic Ink Cel card inserts.  great color cover box art of Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny.  box has minor bend.  mint/factory sealed.  hard to find!   59.50


    T118.  1910 THE WORLD'S GREATEST EXPLORERS.  issued by Hassan Cigarettes. 
2.5" by 3.75".  fantastic full color images with biographical sketch on reverse.

MATHEW A. HENSON.  North Pole explorer.  near mint.  sorry sold
HENRY HUDSON.  famous English navigator.  near mint.  sorry sold
DAVID LIVINGSTONE.  medical missionary to Africa.  near mint.  sorry sold
FRIDTJOF NANSEN.  famed Zoologist who crossed Greenland on snowshoes.  sorry sold
    MISS ANNIE. S. PECK.  famed mountain climber.  near mint.  sorry sold


GOLDEN GRAIN TOBACCO Movie Stars.  1930's issue.  They each measure 1.5" by 2.75" and have a bio of the actress or actor on the backside. flaws noted. otherwise near mint to mint

ADRIENNE AMES $5     *     HEATHER ANGEL sorry sold    *     RICHARD ARLEN sorry sold

MARY ASTOR sorry sold     *     GRACE BRADLEY sorry sold  *     MAE CLARKE Frankenstein movie sorry sold  

RICARDO CORTEZ $5     *     DOLORES DEL RIO sorry sold     *     FRANCIS DRAKE sorry sold

PATRICIA ELLIS sorry sold      *     GLENDA FARRELLsorry sold   *     RENEE GADD sorry sold  

WYNNE GIBSON sorry sold      *     LELIA HYAMS sorry sold      *     LOIS JANUARY corner crease   sorry sold

BUCK JONES creased  sorry sold     *     JUNE KNIGHT sorry sold      *   

MARGARET LINDSAY sorry sold      *     EDMUND LOWE sorry sold      *     PAUL LUKAS sorry sold

HELEN MACK $5     *     ALINE MacMAHON sorry sold      *     GERTRUDE MICHAEL $5

*     CHESTER MORRIS $5     *     JEAN MUIR sorry sold

MARION NIXON sorry sold     *     MARION NIXON surface scuff  sorry sold     *     

GEORGE RAFT sorry sold      *     GLORIA STUART old "Rose" in Titanic. $10     *     MARGARET SULLIVAN sorry sold

VERREE TEASDALE sorry sold      *     GENEVIEVE TOBIN sorry sold      *     ALICE WHITE sorry sold  

TOBY WING sorry sold     *     JANE WYATT minor stain on reverse. sorry sold




click here.  1926 CANADIAN HISTORY Silks.  Premium issue from Imperial Tobacco of Canada.  click here.

Spain.  back is marked CASA YUSTAS - MADRID.  appears to be 1930's MOVIE STARS.  approx. 3.5 by 2.25.  b&w.  thin paper stock.  Titled GLORIAS DEL CINE.  Numbered and name on front.  these are all from Series B.
* #8  JUAN TORENA.  ex/nm.  3.00
#8  JUAN TORENA.  soiled.  exc. 1.50 #8  MAURICE CHEVALIER  very good.  7.00
#8  MAURICE CHEVALIER  creased/scuff. gd. 3.00 #8  MAURICE CHEVALIER  near mint..  10.00
#10 BUSTER KEATON near mint.  10.00 #10 BUSTER KEATON excellent.  8.00
#12 JEANETTE MACDONALD.  near mint.  sorry sold #17  MARIA ALBA.  near mint.  3.00
#20  ANITA PAGE.  near mint.  3.00 *


BETTY BOOP baseball catcher.  1948 Japanese Menko Card.  1.5" by 2.25" tall.  great color!  uncommon.  corner crease. excellent.  45.00

MICKEY MOUSE baseball pitcher.  1948 Japanese Menko Card.  Betty Boop is the on deck batter.  1.5" by 2.25" tall.  great color!  uncommon.  excellent.  45.00

LORD NEILSON'S STAR CARDS.  (food issue - ice cream).  an exclusive series presented in Association with DISC and MUSIC ECHO.
full color photo.  large square 3.5" by 3.5".  1960's issue from England.
sample of reverse side with biographical information.
DAVY JONES from the Monkees.  mint.  20.00
MICKY DOLENZ from the Monkees.  mint.  15.00
MIKE NESMITH from the Monkees.  mint.  15.00

CCG - Collectible Card Games

R112-8B card game.  SQUADRON SCRAMBLE #2.  1942.  Whitman #3947.  sponsored by the National Aeronautical Council.  standard playing card size with green back design.  54 cards.  complete.  consists of 2 instruction cards; 3 cards each of 16 different types of airplanes (American; German British; Russian; Italian; Japanese); 3 Keep 'Em Flying Cards and 1 Victory Card.  "The illustrations used on these cards are authentic silhouette drawings of military planes and may be used in identifying and learning to recognize our planes and the planes of our enemies." cards are near mint to mint.  box is excellent or nicer.  65.00

THE X-FILES.  Collectible Card Game.  60 card starter deck in box with both regular and advanced instruction manuals.  1998.  USPC Games.  Cards are MINT, each inside plastic sleeve.  6.00

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